Hobbi reviews "competitive" USC Fall Camp

USC offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi discussed the competitve and physical nature of Fall Camp, as well as the play he wrote based off last season's match up against Stanford.

Day 11 of USC Fall Camp proved just how physical preseason can be. Head coach Lane Kiffin confirmed that 19 players missed practice due to injuries, and offensive lineman Cyrus Hobbi agreed that players were "starting to get beat up."

"Everyone's got some pain here and there," said Hobbi. "But I feel good personally, and I think everyone is really buying in to what we're trying to do here, which is win as many games as possible. You're not going to feel good in camp, but the guys have the right mind set."

Despite low attendance, Hobbi says the atmosphere of Fall Camp has been "competitive."

"Guys are just flying around out there, and even on bad days, you can tell they're going just as hard as they can," said Hobbi. "Everyone wants to get better, and everyone's trying and everyone's competing. Maybe we're not there yet as far as technique and plays and stuff, but everyone's working their butt off."

Fall Camp has almost reached the halfway point, and Hobbi says he is still tweaking things to prepare for the upcoming season.

"I guess for me, it's just trying to be more confident in my play calls," said Hobbi. Personally, I can tell a difference when I'm confident and when I'm not."

Confidence has been a significant motif in Hobbi's time as a football player. Last season, he had his first start againt a strong Stanford defense and received some critiques from the media following his appearance. Hobbi, a theater major, decided to write a play about the emotional experience he endured.

"I was feeling pretty down on myself. I didn't go to class or anything," said Hobbi about his experience after the game. "My teacher reached out to me and said I should write about the game, and my experience. It was so fresh, and so easy to write, it was a great experience. It made me learn a lot of things about the game, as well too."

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