Browne reflects on leaving QB competition

USC quarterback Max Browne discussed being pulled from quarterback competition and where he sees the rest of Fall Camp heading.

The competition for the starting quarterback spot was narrowed down from three to two after the first week of USC Fall Camp. Freshman Max Browne was pulled from contention, but although he may not be the Trojans' starting QB, he is still hard at work.

"I think my mindset now is competing against myself every single day, making sure I'm improving every single day," said Browne. "Same goes as before, just seeing where the chips fall. Not really worried about depth charts, but at the same time, making sure I'm ready whenever I'm called upon."

Although Cody Kessler and Max Wittek have both had more reps with the Trojans than Browne, he did come in with the mentality that he could take the starting job.

"I came in with the mindset of winning the job," said Browne. "I think we all did, Cody and Max, also. That was my goal, to come in here and start, but obviously things didn't work out that way, but it's not a totally negative thing. I get to keep on developing, keep on working and like I said before, staying ready at all times and making sure I make the most of my opportunities."

Head coach Lane Kiffin broke the news to Browne personally in a one-on-one sit down. Afterward, Kiffin said Browne handled the news like a professional.

"It's how I was raised, I guess," said Browne. "Just taking it in stride, just trying to take the positive out of the situation, making sure I keep on working. I wasn't sullen, wasn't pouting. I was appreciative that he met with me. I was appreciative that he talked to me, it was a class act on their half and it was a meeting I was thankful to have."

While the news was negative for Browne, he says he is continuing to find the positive in the situation.

"Obviously I was disappointed because of the competitive side of me," said Browne. "But at the same time, makes me more motivated each and every day to go out there and push Max and Cody or whoever it may be. Just making sure I can get the team better, whatever I can do. Whether it was scout team today with blitz versus our one D, whatever it may be that helps me and helps the team also."

Nineteen players missed day eleven of Fall Camp due to injuries, and while Wittek or Kessler haven't suffered any set backs, Browne says he is ready to step in if need be.

"We play a sport that filled with injuries, you never know what will happen," said Browne. "We saw this year at receiver. George Farmer was down and then two weeks later, Steven Mitchell goes down. So, guys are stepping in there right away, and I have to take that mindset each and every week, watch as much film as Max or Cody and be right in there preparing them for each week and at the same time prepare myself for whenever that time comes."

Fall Camp has almost reached the halfway point and continuing on into season, Browne says he has taken away a few keys from this experience.

"I think it's exactly what they told me when I got recruited here: it's USC, we're going to compete every single practice and every single meeting no matter what the situation may be," said Browne. "That's exactly what happened. Gave it my all, obviously, so now I keep moving forward."

Browne has not yet announced if he will redshirt this season, but he says he is "ready for whatever happens."

"Like I've been saying, I'll be ready all year, from week one through the whole season," said Browne. "Like the coaches have [said,] they're not sure what will happen. I don't really have an answer, but I'll always be ready for when my time comes."

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