Pinner breaks down fullback competition

USC fullback Jahleel Pinner discusses his position group and looks forward to Washington State.

Jahleel Pinner only had one reception against Hawaii last weekend for five yards, leaving the fullback unsatisfied with his performance and hungry to improve before USC takes on Washington State on Saturday.

"It was alright for a first game, but I need to do a lot better the second, third and fourth games," said Pinner. "I'm going to improve, coach gave me some good pointers, so I'll clean it up for this game."

Specifically, Pinner says he plans on perfecting his run block before facing off against the Cougars.

"Just where to insert on blocks, defensive schemes and blitzes and shadowing the defense," said Pinner."

While Pinner is currently competing for the starting spot against Soma Vainuku, No. 38 says Vainuku has actually been helping him more than anything.

"It's not really a competition, we both help each other on things," said Pinner. "I help him on some stuff, he helps me on some things. It's not really a competition."

"He's been here more than me, so a lot of the plays, he knows the playbook a lot better than I do, so he helps me out with the playbook," continued Pinner. "If I don't know what to do, he helps me out, and if he doesn't know, he asks me."

Nonetheless, Pinner and Vainuku will continue to split time at fullback this Saturday as the Trojans take on Washington State for their home--and Pac-12--opener. Pinner says he has already been studying the Cougars and expects a strong showing from their defense.

"They're a good defense and they have a good safety back there, so just key on him," said Pinner. "All the running backs and receivers are going to go to work with the offensive line and do what we do." Top Stories