Gavin Dickey interview

"I surprise a lot of people when I make throws they don't think I can make. If a play breaks down I can also make something happen with the run"

I had a chance to catch up with Gavin Dickey, one of the top quarterbacks in the country, to get his thoughts on the Trojans and his recruiting process.

"What did you learn at the Elite 11 camp?"

"That was such a wonderful experience, it taught me so much. I got a chance to learn from so many great quarterbacks and one night I got to sit down one on one with Bob Johnson and he went over some things I needed to work on. He wants me to focus on staying balanced when I throw and not to throw off my back foot so much. That was the first camp I had ever been to and it was just great."

"What do you consider to be your strengths as a QB?"

"I surprise a lot of people when I make throws they don't think I can make. If a play breaks down I can also make something happen with the run."

"You've had a very successful career as a 4 year starter at the high school level, tell us about that."

"In my freshman season we lost in the 3rd round of the playoffs 16-14. It was the farthest our school had ever advanced in the playoffs and we lost when we missed a FG with :04 remaining. My sophomore season we won state and it was the 1st state title in school history. Last year we advanced to the semifinals but lost 21-20 in overtime after we scored a touchdown and had an extra point blocked."

"Did you get a chance to visit USC while you were out here for the Elite 11 camp?"

"No I didn't. I was hoping to get up there but we didn't have time because we were so busy."

"How is it that you became interested in the Trojans?"

"I went out to California last year for the California vs Florida game because my high school coach was the coach of the Florida team. I just loved the atmosphere, the weather, everything about it. I just had a really great time. Then I started hearing a lot from the USC coaches this past May and I learned about Coach Carroll and Coach Chow and was really impressed with their program. Coach Kiffin came out to our spring game which really made a big impression on me because it showed how much he was interested in me."

"Were you familiar with Coach Chow at NC State? If so, how is his offense similar to the one you run in HS and how it is different?"

"Yes, I was very familiar with him. It is similar in that we have a lot of shotgun in our offense this year and we like to spread the ball around a lot. The main difference is that we run a lot of option as well."

"Talk about the schools you are considering and the factors in your final decision."

"My final four schools are USC, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and Miami. I want to play quarterback and I'm looking for the school that offers me the best possibility, if I stay healthy, of hopefully playing in the NFL one day. I want to major in either child psychology or criminology. Right now I have a 2.8 GPA and 980 SAT. I also definitely want to look at playing baseball, I am a center fielder and that will play a part in my decision." Top Stories