Davis recaps first college game

USC running back Justin Davis discusses his first college football game for the Trojans.

USC freshman running back Justin Davis finally has a game under his belt with the Trojans season opener win against Hawaii. As well as 74 rushing yards. When Reggie Bush played in his first college football game, he rushed for only 9 yards.

"Well I definitely felt good, I had confidence once I start get going. I felt great," said Davis. "I have a lot of things to pick up, get better on, so I'm never going to be satisfied. But it was a great first start, but I still have a lot of things to work on."

No. 22 was humble about his statistics, however, giving credit to great blocking by the offensive line.

"When I know I have a whole lot in front of me blocking, two great tackles, guards, center. As a group we had a lot of rushing yards, so we have to just keep that mentality," said Davis. "It feels great, knowing that the running backs are doing their part helping to get yards."

Part of Davis' impressive statistics are derived from his confidence. Even as a freshman, he says he doesn't feel any extra pressure.

"I don't know if it's necessarily pressure, it's me knowing I need to know my stuff going into the game, so I can get the coaches confidence in any situation," said Davis. "I just try to perfect all the little things that I need help on during practice so I'll be ready for the game."

While he may not be feeling much pressure, Davis says he has noticed the step up from high school to college ball.

"From high school it's a big just because of pass protection. It's a whole bigger game in college," said Davis. "So that's one of the main things. Because every running back can run the ball, it's the other parts of the game, like pass protection. So I'm definitely working on that."

"Definitely the blitzers," continued Davis, expanding upon the biggest difference in high school and college ball. "They don't really have a set plan to rush, so they just come at your and hit you. There's a lot more complexity of the schemes of the defense, so we just have to look out for that."

There's still a lot of football left to be played this season, and Davis is keeping his list of goals simple.

"Push our team, and try my hardest to give our team the best shot to win," said Davis.

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