Winston Justice interview

An interview with LB Poly OL Winston Justice


It seems like every college football coach in nation is screaming "I want Justice!" Why? Because Winston Justice of Long Beach Poly High School may be the most talented Offensive Lineman in the nation. He stands 6'7" and weighs 297 lbs. He tells me that he can bench 390, squat 530, and run the forty in under 4.9 seconds. Combine that with the overall altheticism of a man half his size, and you've got a freakish talent.

I talked with him this evening and he tells me that he likes, in order: "USC, UCLA, Wash, Florida and Tenn." Fans who have followed the recruitment of this young man know that he was a strong UCLA lean only a few weeks ago. So why the change of heart? According to Winston: "I hear (USC)'s got a strong alumni base, so after I graduate I'm pretty much set. I also like the communications program, you know Annenberg?" Winston also tells me that he's friends with Kareem Kelly and Darrell Rideaux. To my surprise, USC was his favorite school growing up. Jonathan Ogden of UCLA however, was his favorite player.

Right now, LSU is recruiting him the hardest but Winston isn't going to commit to them or any other school until he takes all of his trips. Will USC be one of those trips? "I don't think I'll be tripping to USC because it's right down the street...but I'll probably trip to UCLA." As a final question, I asked him what schools his buddies from Poly are leaning to and he told me: "I'm not sure but I know Hershel likes USC, Manny (Manuel Wright) likes USC and Darnell likes USC." Top Stories