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Take a look at what the Trojans had to say following their 35-7 win over the Eagles on Saturday.

Here's what USC had to say immediately following their win over Boston College.

Tre Madden ran for 102 yards with 16 carries and a touchdown against the Eagles.

On Silas Redd eventually coming back: "It will work out, he's getting healthy and I know he's coming back soon and I can't wait to have him back."

On the week following USC's loss to Washington State: "It was definitely dark around here after the game and it was good to get rid of that and move on to the next week."

On leaders energizing the team: "Hayes Pullard and Devon Kennard. They're definitely the leaders of the team and they showed that last week."

Marqise Lee had two catches for 90 yards and a touchdown, but the Coliseum's favorite move by Lee was an incomplete deep ball on the first play.

On the game overall: "The win is all I care about at the end of the day. Yeah I appreciate the touchdown and the pass from Cody, but I'm just trying to be myself and make plays for my team."

On his blocked punt, which was called back: "It was part of the game plan. Coach Bax thought it would be better if I went down there and tried to block the punt. I said no worries, if he wants me to go down there and block I got that."

On his excitement following running the ball in for a TD following the blocked punt that was called back: "I was hyped. I was just talking with Leon and Coach Bax about that situation and how I can get in there and block, so I told Coach Bax, ‘I know, we're gonna get it.'" Craziest thing is the next play it actually happened. It got called back, but it was still a good play."

On the first play: "The fact that we were taking shots down the field, that's all the crowd wanted to see. It's just past of the game plan for us. Sometimes were going to take shots down the field, sometimes we're not."

Freshman Justin Davis put up more stellar numbers against Boston College, running for 96 yards with ten carries and a touchdown.

On if the fans have seen the best from him yet: "Not really yet, because I'm planning on improving every game. I'm going to try to top every performance and the weeks after."

On USC's run-heavy offense: "We're really trying to make a lot of people respect the running game, bringing back that USC RBU. And it's definitely working for us."

Devon Kennard continued to pump up his team, and lead them as captain following a tough loss to Washington State last weekend.

On the offense this week: "I could tell there was a chip on their shoulder with the way they were practicing and getting after us. You know we had some real battles with the first offense and defense all week and we tried to match them on defense all week."

On what the defense can improve on: "We're just taking it game by game. I think part of being a good defense is always looking at what you could have done better and today we didn't have any turnovers and we didn't have any sacks until Quinton Powell in the fourth quarter. So we want to be able to create turnovers and interceptions, force fumbles, whatever we can. And we also want to put pressure on the quarterback. There are definitely some things we already know we want to work on for next week."

On why the defense has been so strong this year: "I credit Coach Pendergast for giving us a great system to defend against and also just us players. I feel like no matter what the defense is called we have to play aggressive and I think we did so for the most part."

On the win overall: "We're just focused on one game at a time, but it feels good to get a win. You know, we're back in the winning column and getting that bad taste out of our mouths. We're going to celebrate this win today and get back to work tomorrow because we have a great opponent in Utah State."

Hayes Pullard continued to lead the defense and the rest of the Trojans, energizing them to improve to 2-1.

On the loss to Washington State: "It humbled us most of all and fueled our energy because we don't want that bitter taste in our mouth anymore. So it was good to get that off our chests this week and now it's time to grow tomorrow, watch film and get better each day."

On the first play: "It brought us a little bit of happiness. We looked up and saw the crowd screaming and the ball was going deep so we thought, ‘Wow, let's keep this going.'"

On seeing cheering fans for incomplete pass: "No I can't say that."

On the locker room talk at halftime: "The pep talk was like, we got to get rid of that. We have two quarters behind us and have to keep going. Last week we gave up in the second half and we just wanted to continue movement, keep our feet under their necks and finish."

On when the team first bounced back: "The team responded great on Monday. I've never seen the offensive side of the ball fire on us so fast and we were like, "we got to pick it up now and get ready to play.'"

On USC's mentality against Boston College: "We knew we were underrated and we had all the talent nobody knew about and that just humbled us most of all to go out there and exploit our talent."

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