What they're saying after the win

See what the Trojans had to say following their 17-14 win over the Aggies.

USC beat the Utah State Aggies 17-14 in not the prettiest of wins, but a hard fought match up on Saturday nonetheless. See what the Trojans had to say following their win in the Coliseum.

Leonard Williams had eight total tackles against the Aggies, three for a loss of seven yards.

On Utah State QB Chuckie Keeton: "Even if we didn't have pressure on him, we still collapsed the pockets for him. He didn't have no rush lanes. That was our goal and we did it."

On the defense's performance: "You know defense just comes out strong, coaches expect better and better from us each game, We look at the game Sunday and then we move on. It's a new opponent. Like we get all the plays we made, and all of it just goes out the window. We get ready for a new opponent. "

On the defense as a whole: "Yes definitely. We have a great chemistry. Off the field, we have a great chemistry and it makes us play better together on the field."

On their expectations for the game: "I held defense accountable. I knew we would be able to come out and make plays and be able to stop their rushing like that. We were up by three points and had to come out and stop their offense and we just did it."

On the offense's performance: "It gets a little frustrating, but our defensive coaches always tell us just be accountable on what we can do, don't pay attention to the other side of the ball and we just try to take that into our minds and go out next week."

On the goal of the defense: "The main focus was just stop the quarterback from running and I feel like we did a great job of doing that."

Marqise Lee had just six catches for 72 yards agains the Aggies.

On the offense's performance:"As far as offense, I think we're pretty solid. We got some things to work on, a lot of things that I should work on, but I mean just to come out here and see an offense, move the ball, you know things like that, and just move forward. That's a positive compared to the first two week how rusty we were looking. We're gradually coming along and it's going to be okay."

On the last few punt returns: "They let Nelson go in and get a couple. One of the plays I felt like I got hurt, so Baxter was like, ‘Chill.' And I was like I'm okay, but you know they won't let you go back in. You know how Coach Kiffin and them is. Coach Kiffin and Coach Bax? They talk to each other and once they say no it's over."

On the offense's struggles: "Yeah I always got confidence in my offense. It's just the time man. You know, we've been kind of rusty. We got the quarterback, last week it looked good. But we came out this week and looked kind of rusty, Penalties, we got too many penalties as an offense is one. Things like that we just got to work on. Those penalties, instead of moving back, we just got to move forward. Now we just need to pick up, get rid of the penalties and move forward."

On getting a pass interference call over a touchdown: "I'd do the same thing if I were on defense. I'd rather take a fifteen that a touchdown to tell you the truth. Just smart by the defense. Utah defense instead of giving you the touchdown, they'll give you the flag and I fully understand that as a player. Just going to continue to work. I'm happy. Seventeen fourteen, what!"

Freshman Justin Davis rushed for 17 yards agains the Aggies.

On the win: "We were definitely fighting there at the end to pull out the win. Offense needs to pick it up because defense played lights out again today. Definitely is kind of a weird win."

On locker room talk: "We know how to finish. We've shown that in previous games, we're a second half team mainly. We knew the mindset he had to have was finish the game out."

On his own play: "Definitely always have to get better, just tried to help the team out however I could. That's just the flow of the game."

On his takeaways from the game: "The offense needs to pick it up. That starts by practicing. We got to practice a lot faster, because defense has been holding us for a very long time.

Aundrey Walker had his first start at right guard against Utah State.

On the Trojan's win: "Definitely a hard fought battle. Offensive line did good, as a team we did good. I'm going to give it out to the Utah State team, they did pretty good holding us up. This victory was a great thing. It showed our toughness and I'm glad we came out on top."

On starting at right guard: "It was great. Anywhere on the field, if I'm helping my team, I'm happy. There's no I want to play this, I want to play that. You can't do that. It's all about helping your team and going to the National Championship. That's our goal. I'm feeling pretty good today, I'm going to look at the film and critique myself."

On when the decision was made to start at right guard: "I don't know. The coaches came to me one day and said we need to see you at right guard, and I had the opportunity to do that."

On the challenge of playing Arizona State next week: "We're ready for any team. The only team that beat us is ourselves. We go down there and we lose, we beat ourselves. We go down there and we win, then hell of a game. Offense started off slow, but we picked it up and we got the win."

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