Falah taking reps with the first team

USC offensive lineman Nico Falah discusses taking reps with the first team as a freshman.

USC's first team offensive line added a new face to the mix on Tuesday. Freshman Nico Falah was working out with the ones at right tackle as senior and starter Kevin Graf rests up during the bye week.

"I'm taking reps with the ones because starter Kevin Graf wants to rest up, he's been through a beating," said Falah. "Trying to step in, learn the right side now, I usually play the left. Just trying to get better. He and Nate, the two right tackles are just teaching me, trying to get be better and hopefully if they need me, I can step up."

Although Graf is taking a breather, Falah said Graf still passes on some words of encouragement.

"Just trying to get confidence. I'm a freshman right now, I'm kind of nervous out there going against Leonard Williams and George Uko and Devon Kennard. Kevin said just be confident, they're human beings too and just block them," said Falah.

Falah is not only getting used to playing with guys like Williams and Uko, but he's also getting used to a "completely different stance." Falah usually plays on the left, but is filling in at the right.

"The stance is a lot different, I'm usually a lot more comfortable at left, had to adjust today, I think I did good," said Falah. "I'm not where I want to be, but I'll get there."

Falah said there's no word how long he'll continue to play with the 1s, but says he's always ready to step in.

"[Graf] is just resting up nothing serious with him there, just trying to get some rest before Arizona next week," said Falah.

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