Cookies, Roscoes, the Trojan Bowl

USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron says if nothing changes around the USC football program then "nothing changes". So he's made a few in his first week as the guy in charge, and so far, players are responding.

Life with no cookies and no Roscoes.

Almost seems unimaginable if you're a USC football player. Don't they come to LA for Roscoes? But until a few days ago, no good grub, that was reality.

Under a strict diet when USC head coach Lane Kiffin was in charge, players were limited to "the healthy stuff" as one player told me. "Stuff" that didn't fill them up, that left them still feeling a bit hungry on the walk home every night.

Might sound over dramatic. But any athlete will tell you, feeling hungry is worse than squatting the last rep.

On day one, USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron decided to change that.

Cookies were re-introduced to training table as was ranch salad dressing and hot sauce, according to redshirt junior Dion Bailey.

After practice on Thursday, Orgeron even catered Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.


Because, as Orgeron said, "If nothing changes, nothing changes."

And this USC football team needed a change -- even if it only started with the menu.

Off to a 3-2 start to the 2013 season and a stale taste for football in most of the player's mouths, it was time to spice it up a bit.

Orgeron even decided to introduce the first annual "Trojan Bowl" to practice on Thursday. First and second team players dressed in shorts and t-shirts while the third team and walk-ons all suited up; it was their turn for some game time.

Orgeron learned about the "bowl" when he was an assistant at Miami and told himself if he got his chance as the head coach again, he'd implement it.

"I thought it was excellent [at Miami]. Guys got fired up for it and we always did it on an open date. It was a little break but it was football and the young guys got to play in a game-type situation with the older guys to coach and everybody got involved. I think it worked out pretty good."

Just a few days in, leading both the offense and the defense, it appears as though Orgeron has won the locker room and the will of his players -- even if he's partially done it through their stomach.

Roscoes Chicken and Waffles? What's not to like when that's what your head coach feeds you.

"The guys loved it," Orgeron said after practice Friday. "There was a lot of energy in the Galen Center, that's what we built that place for. For guys to go there, eat, and have fun and watch TV. It's a family type atmosphere and you can feel the energy."

So Orgeron has changed the menu and changed the practice routine.

The biggest question now is, can he change the results on the field?

USC is back in action Thursday night hosting Arizona.

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