Pat Haden on Orgeron's debut win

See what USC AD Pat Haden had to say about the Trojans' 38-31 win over Arizona.

In just a few days, USC interim head coach Ed Orgeron has transformed the culture of Trojan football, bringing them a much-needed win against Arizona Thursday night.

See what USC athletic director Pat Haden had to say following the Trojans' 38-31 win.

On watching the game: "It was just fun watching our kids have a blast. You know the game is supposed to be a game of joy, and they played with a lot of joy tonight."

On the win itself: "It was a blast. Been around here a long time, seen a lot of great wins, and it gives us some hope and some momentum heading into a national rivalry week game. So, just pleased with that."

On the week leading up to the game: "You know it's probably a good word [cathartic]. I's been difficult—a week, ten days, whatever it's been. This experience this week was very enjoyable. It wasn't just the game, it was also all week you felt it. You weren't in the locker room before the game, I've never seen anything like it. I've been in a lot of locker rooms in my life, but it was a much different environment."

On the energy in the pre-game locker room: "Guys were having a blast. Music was playing, I don't know what it was, it's not on my iPod. It was weird music, but they loved it. The music was blaring until they came out of the locker room. Usually it's quiet and people are reflective, but it was an entirely different approach and that's what the guys wanted. Coach O asked his captains if that was what they wanted to play and it was remarkable. I've never seen anything like it."

On if he planned to make the coaching change sooner: "It's only been a week, they are happy. We'll be happy until we aren't happy."

On Orgeron as the interim head coach: "He's a very iconic figure around here. It's been his 11th, 12th year, he's had some great runs. I said this earlier when I introduced him as the interim head coach, but what impresses me is he brings it every day. This is not a fake thing with him. When I go out there at practice, he's been doing it 27 years, same drills, but he brings the energy every day, and I think our guys really appreciate it. As a position coach, his players the past two years have played remarkably well. Last year they were fantastic statistically. And this year they've played pretty well also. He's a great coach, I think just people like Ed. He's a very likable guy. And that's a good thing right now."

On moving forward to Notre Dame next week: "Had we lost, it would have been a buzz kill. So this is a good thing."

On what surprised him this game: "I knew we were going to try to have some other players participate—Victor Blackwell, kind of hurt his ankle, but he contributed a lot, Ty Isaac. They have hope now. A lot of players touched the ball on offense, and I think that's a good thing. Everyone feels like they have a role, everyone has hope that they can contribute and that's a good thing. And on defense J.R. Tavai really played great. I mean he really played well."

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