Enfield on pushing energy on the court

USC head coach Andy Enfield talks about continuing to pump up the energy at the Galen Center.

The intensity was high at the Galen Center on Saturday morning. USC ran through three scrimmages, all very physical and energetic per the new coaching style of Andy Enfield. See what Enfield had to say about pushing the Trojans and pumping up the liveliness even more.

On physicality of the workout: "We did a lot of up and down in the scrimmaging. It was designed to be an execution scrimmage, but also a conditioning scrimmage."

On running a 16-second shot clock for the last two minutes of play: "We usually give them 14-seconds, so we were giving them a break today. It's designed to make them play fast, condition them so they can get their wind up."

On the extra conditioning during practice: "Just depends what type of practice we're having. There are other practices where we do some teaching and break down drills, but when we're on full court, I don't like our coaching staff to stop a lot because you want to coach on the fly and make your point. Today just happened that guys just needed to push the pace up."

On what the team needs to improve on: "You have to learn how to play fast and not turn the ball over. We have our spurts, but our players have to get better. They have to keep improving their decision-making. It's not so much their ball handling; it's their decision-making. Knowing when to throw the pass, and their skill on some of their passes. If you're going to throw a lob, throw it where it needs to be. If you throw a bounce pass, you can't throw it two-feet wide."

On Byron Wesley's ankle sprain: "He played half the practice and sprained his ankle. I don't know how he is."

On practice MVPs: "Omar Oraby played great today. He really pushed himself to go up and down the court, and did a nice job on screens and gave a good effort. And J.T. Terrell wasn't selfish and making plays for his team. And on the other team, Katin Reinhardt had a very good day and his team won the three scrimmages because they played well as a team. Very impressed with them."

On where the team is progression-wise: "Yeah a little bit. I think this is certainly a work in progress. We look like a very good basketball team for about five or six minutes, and then we have too many turnovers, we make defensive mistakes, but that's part of preseason. I'm not concerned right now about that as long as they're willing to try to figure it out here in the next two weeks."

On how the team will continue to improve: "It's decision-making. Some of that is a natural feel for the game, some of it is learning what you can and can't do. Understanding that if you're names not Magic Johnson, you shouldn't be trying some things."

On if he changes his practice based on coaches and recruits watching him: "No, I think we keep it real here. I get up and said my piece a few times, I don't hold anything back and we play like we play. So I don't want to put on some show because we have people watching. We have to practice like we play. I'm going to stop when I have to, I'm going to instruct. I'm going to give a little push if I have to. My coaching style, I don't use a lot of vulgarity, I don't berate kids, I don't tear them down. If I have to raise my voice I do. It's quick, not personal and we move on. To me, it doesn't matter, I could have all their grandparents here and be comfortable."

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