Graf talks Trojans "playing nasty"

USC offensive lineman Kevin Graf talks keeping the energy up before Notre Dame and the Trojans' special gues speaker before practice.

It was a longer practice on Howard Jones today, but for good reason. Reining Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis came to USC to talk to the team about what it means to be a Trojan and "living in the now."

USC offensive lineman Kevin Graf said the motivational words of Lewis helped keep the energy high during practice.

"It really lead us to go out and have a great practice," said Graf.

Since interim head coach Ed Orgeron took over almost three weeks ago, the energy and positivity at USC has yet to die down. Graf says it all has to do with the want to "play for Coach O."

The Trojans will see if they can continue their 1-0 streak under the new Orergon regime this Saturday, as they take on Notre Dame in South Bend. Winner gets the shelleighla and the Trojans are hoping to add a few more cardinal rubies after the weekend.

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