The Unit Breakdown: Cornerbacks

See how the cornerbacks are looking to bounce back after giving up over 350 yards in back-to-back games.

The hype around USC's new interim coach Ed Orgeron has worn off and it's time for the players to continue to step up their game.

After practice this week, Orgeron said his biggest concern is at cornerback.

This is not the first time a USC head coach has noted trouble in the secondary. In fact, former head coach Lane Kiffin said there was work to be done with the corners last spring.

So, for this week's Unit Breakdown, I talked with the corners to see how they think they've performed this season.

Even with the positivity that Orgeron has spread over the USC squad, the corners continue to struggle. The numbers don't lie. They gave up over 350 passing yards at Arizona State and 360 against Arizona.

There's no stability there. In fact they're one of the only Trojan position group to start three different players all season.

However, that doesn't seem to bother players like Torin Harris.

"No pressure, that's the game. If you're not deep, you're not deep," said Harris.

Harris and Kevon Seymour have been leading the corners this season. And now after seven weeks of rehab, the third starter--Anthony Brown--will be able to take to the field this Saturday against Notre Dame.

"I'm really happy to be back out on the field, you have no idea. I worked so hard and it hurts getting hurt the first game, but I'm back and ready to go," said Brown. "I feel amazing. I feel confident in my knee, not taking any second guesses or breaks, I'm going out here ready to play."

Slowly but surely the Trojans are adding depth back to their secondary.

The corners recognize that there is work to be done, but Brown says they are up for the challenge.

"I'm the type of person to just work hard, so once the challenge comes, I'm just going to be ready for it," said Brown.

"We have things to work on, we definitely have things to work on. That's what we're practicing for," said Seymour.

So how are they going to change this around? It all comes down to talking it out.

"You know, we're just going back to the drawing board," said Brown. "We're emphasizing communication. Once you're on the field, you have to emphasize communication. If you can communicate, you can eliminate the big plays."

"It's been going good, we communicate well, we know what we need to work on. As a whole I think we work well and we're getting that done," said Seymour.

And if communicating doesn't work, Harris likes to keep his goal simple.

"Not let nobody catch the ball," said Harris.

THe unit says they are continuing to feed off the high excitement that Orgeron brings to the field, but their main source of motivation comes from each other.

"Just playing with my boys, it's the same thing every day, just feels good to be out there with my boys. That's enough motivation for anyone I think, especially when you're playing for USC in the Coliseum or at Notre Dame. It's always going to be a big issue," said Harris.

"I just love playing with these guys, it's super fun. I just come out everyday and just ball out," said Seymour. "When it's like a family, you're together. You just trust each other, so things run smoother."

The corners will try their best to turn things around this weekend in South Bend.

Brown announced Wednesday that he will be back in the starting lineup agains the Irish.

With Brown back in their arsenal, they should put up a solid front agains the Fighting Irish, and hopefully bring home the shillelagh.

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