Vainuku talks new special teams nickname

USC fullback Soma Vainuku discusses his new nickname--Jugernaut--following his recent special teams performances.

It was the first play of the game against Oregon State. USC kicked it off, and Trojan fullback Soma Vainuku went barreling down the field, steamrolling over the unassuming Beaver who returned the ball. Ever since, Vainuku has been known as the "Juggernaut."

Vainuku laughs about the nickname saying he doesn't really pay attention to that sort of thing.

Againt California, Vainuku continued to show off his special teams skills, blocking a punt that Josh Shaw then snagged and ran in for a Trojan touchdown.

Vainuku says his strengths on special teams come from the older players he waches, as well as following the specific game plan set by coach John Baxter.

Vainuku will bring his Juggernaut skills to the Coliseum on Saturday as the Trojans take on their first ranked team of the season, No. 5 Stanford.

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