The Buzz Board: WSU Home-Game Finale Edition

IT'S BEEN FAR too long since the arrows were flying, so what better time to rekindle this old standby than the eve of what could be the game that gets the Cougs back into the postseason.

What's up and who's down on Planet Coug
Geronimo WSU head coach Mike Leach is routinely 20 minutes late for his Monday media briefings but he's pushed it toward a full hour in each of the last two weeks. Perhaps those Geronimo edits of his are being sent via smoke signal. Regardless, Coach may want to refresh himself with Dale Carnegie's tried and true classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People."
Gunnar Eklund Given the level of improvement on the offensive line in 2013, you would think the Cougs' left tackle would have gotten more recognition through Week 10 -- but all the Pride of Lake Stevens does is quietly take care of the blind side in practice and on Saturdays.
DISH Normally we reserve our airwave bashing for DirecTV, but this time it's DISH. The satellite carrier said it was going to carry the WSU-Lamar hoops game on the Pac-12 Networks last Saturday and then left CougFans out in the cold. We had a big ol' down arrow at the ready but after watching the WSU-Gonzaga game last night, maybe DISH was on to something with their blackout.
WSU Recruiting Props to Mike Leach and staff. The Cougs are bringing in three known official visitors this weekend who are soft verbals to other Pac-12 schools (UW, USC and UCLA). Moreover, all of WSU's 12 known commits are rated 3 stars by save for one corner -- and based on his tape, that might be more about the fact he plays in the media black hole of JC ball. For fans of WSU recruiting, Christmas figures to last into February.
Rick Neuheisel It's true that we heaped more abuse on Slick Rick than any other human in the history of CF.C back when he was wearing purple sweater vests. And deservedly so. Yet today we find his work as a studio analyst for the Pac-12 Networks to be nothing less than outstanding. He also gets props for returning our phone call last spring and turning it into a great conversation: CLICK HERE
Shawn McWashington Speaking of broadcast analysts, the one-time Fab Fiver and second-year man on the WSU Radio Network is coming into his own each Saturday. His insights are fresh, informative and interesting. Now if he could just impart some of that magic on banal sideline reporter Jessamyn McIntyre, all would be well with Cougar broadcasts.
Owner of a site whose name shall not be spoken Despite what many Coug fans think, the guy is a good fella. Yet his months-long insistence on his purple-hued radio show that he knows on good authority Mike Leach is leaving WSU at the end of the season looks even more preposterous with news of Leach's contract extension and the coach's comment about how much he and his family love Palouse Country. Our advice: Time would be better spent forecasting Sark's future than TSO's.
DaVonté Lacy As awful as the Cougs looked against the Zags, the junior guard from Tacoma has come out in this early hoops season ready to play. He's looked stronger and faster, and is driving to the hoop with authority and agility. And as the Bakersfield game showed, his free-throw shooting skills look to be especially valuable with the NCAA's new, ridiculous rules enforcement on defense.
Cdacoug While the urge to live and die on a week-to-week-basis during the season can ensnare even the best of the message boarders, this longtime CF.C denizen takes the long view. He dishes out strong opinions and information based on the merits. We salute you! Top Stories