USC players react to Sarkisian

USC players react to the news that Steve Sarkisian will be their new head coach...

I spoke with multiple USC players, who do not want to be identified until there is an official team meeting about the coaching situation, about Steve Sarkisian being hired as their new head coach.

One player told me, "He was a part of 'SC's spirit when Pete Carroll was here, so I'm happy with it."

Another player saying he's "Excited as hell" over the hire. The player telling me he believes Sarkisian will be able to recruit enthusiastically at USC and that he'll bring a great style to the Trojans.

As for the team's initial reaction? "A bunch of guys who don't know Sarkisian are on Orgeron's side," he said. "But the guys who were recruited by Sark at one point are all happy". The player went on to tell me that he believes Sarkisian will be great at USC, that he can close on the recruits he was close to at Washington because "it's USC".

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