Compliance issue arises around Lupoi

The Los Angeles Times filed a report Wednesday evening pertaining to compliance issues surrounding Washington assistant Tosh Lupoi, who USC coach Steve Sarkisian wanted on his new Trojan staff...

On Wednesday night The Los Angeles Times published a report about compliance issues surrounding Washington assistant Tosh Lupoi.

Lupoi was on the short list of coaches new USC coach Steve Sarkisian wanted to bring aboard his Trojan staff.

Now, Lupoi is surrounded by an investigation alleging he paid for a Washington recruits tutoring and online classes. The recruit never enrolled at Washington, unable to gain admittance due to his academic standing.

Lupoi looked like a shoe-in as the defensive line coach at USC since the arrival of Sarkisian until about a week into Sarkisian's tenure at Troy.

Sources told SCPlaybook Lupoi was helping to recruit coaches to join him and Sarkisian at USC, until about a week ago, when Lupoi's tune changed -- telling sources he wanted to stay at Washington because of his relationship with his players. It was in this same time frame rumors began running rampant that Lupoi's move to USC was being held up by USC compliance.

A source told the Los Angeles Times that Lupoi's chances of now joining the Trojan staff is "less than zero".

As for Sarkisian's role in the alleged exchange of funds between Lupoi and the UW recruit, Sarkisian says he was unaware of the situation, telling The Los Angeles Times: "When I was at Washington I did everything within my power to make sure we were 100% compliant in all NCAA and Pac-12 rules, and I'm going to operate the exact same way here at USC."

The USC compliance office told The Los Angeles Times it does not believe Sarkisian had any involvement in the situation at Washington.

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