Sarkisian responds to allegations at UW

USC coach Steve Sarkisian responds to allegations surrounding the Washington football program and his former member of his Husky coaching staff, Tosh Lupoi.

In Vegas on Thursday to watch USC's final practice as it prepares for Saturday's bowl game against Fresno State, USC coach Steve Sarkisian took a few moments to talk with the media and comment on the allegations that were reported in The Los Angeles Times.

On Wednesday, The L.A. Times filed a story alleging Washington defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator Tosh Lupoi played a role in delivering funds to a Washington recruit to pay for tutoring and online classes in order for the recruit to gain admittance to Washington.

The recruit signed a Letter of Intent with the Huskies, but did not pass admissions.

This alleged incident happened under the watch of Sarkisian, when he was head coach at Washington.

On Thursday Sarkisian said: The allegations at Washington, they are what they are, allegations. At my time at the University of Washington I did everything in my power to promote a compliant atmosphere and that won't change here at USC. It will be daily and that's not just with our coaches and players. That's with our administration, donors, boosters -- everybody that has the potential to touch our players. And that's my job on a daily basis and I'll continue to do everything in my power to promote that atmosphere.

Due to recent bylaws adopted by the NCAA, Sarkisian could be held responsible for any compliance incident within his staff as the head coach.

Asked if he was concerned about the alleged incident happening under his leadership, with the new NCAA rules, Sarkisian said: I don't know if concerned is the right word. I know what I did on a daily basis and I know the environment I promoted there every single day I went to work there. If, and, or when the NCAA want to talk to me, I'll feel confident in my ability to show factually the ability I exhibited to promote that atmosphere. I don't know if concerned is the right word, but I'll be prepared.

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