Q&A with Johnny Nansen

USC running backs and special teams coach Johnny Nansen met with the media on Tuesday to discuss his stable of tailbacks and his new position at USC...

USC running backs and special teams coach Johnny Nansen Q&A from Tuesday's meeting with the media:

On how they'll utilize multiple tailbacks…
There will be times when you might see three or four backs in a game. It all depends on how our offense is operating. Last year we played with four backs and at Oregon State we had three backs who rushed for 170 yards, so you might see that. We are going to put the best players on the field, like I alluded to earlier. So you might see that.

On what he knows of USC's backs…
Buck Allen. He's a warrior, the guy just works. He doesn't complain, he practices his butt off. That's what I love about him. He was always in the office trying to pick up one or two things to get better, so I'm looking forward to it.

On how he'll utilize sophomore Justin Davis
Like I said, we're going to put two backs in the backfield at times and it might be him and Buck and Buck is more of a stronger kid who can some sort of lead blocking and we'll have Justin be more of the ideal leading guy. We've done that before, maybe flex him out at receiver because he's got great hands, so we still have to have a feel for what he's capable of doing before we assess what his role is going to be.

On the tailback depth chart…
It's a clean slate and we're going to try to find the best players on the field.

What have you seen on film of Buck…
He is what I call a complete back. Not only can he run the power plays, he can catch the football, which is really what stood out to me. He has great hands and with what we do you have to have those qualities. That's why, like I said, he's a complete back. He's a good back. You look at USC and they have four good backs. I wasn't here (when he was buried on depth chart), but it's a great problem to have.

What is Buck trying to pick up in your conversations?
What can I do to get better? To take it to the next step? And we talk about that. There's a few things he has to clean up to be that complete back, but the kid is strong. He understands football and that comes from having great coaches in the past here so I just have to make sure I don't mess it up.

Looking forward to the most at USC with Sarkisian…
Fun. I've been with him for five years at Washington. We are going to have a lot of fun. We are going to buy in, he can related to the kids, especially being from LA so he understands all this more than most coaches I've worked with.

What's going to be different here?
You're going to see, like I said, fun, and guys compete. It's USC. We're going to try to recruit the best players in America to come here and continue the tradition that they have here in the past .We want to win Rose Bowls and that's why we are here.

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