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Those who follow this site know that this is a move that we have resisted for a long time, when many of the Rivals sites went premium we did not and we have enjoyed the opportunity to bring this site to you free of charge for the past 3 years. However, the reality with the internet today is that we either needed to begin premium service or close the site.

For those who choose to subscribe, we hope to provide the most comprehensive source of information and analysis of USC Trojan football that is available anywhere. For those who choose not to subscribe, we hope that the free sections of the site will still offer enough to bring you back and we also offer the WeAreSC newsletter which is available via fax or mail and will contain many of the premium articles published on the site.

Listed below are some FAQ's for "Insider's Pass" premium subscriptions:

How much will it cost?

The "Insider's Pass" is $4.95 per month or $59.95 for an annual subscription. The $59.95 annual subscription is set figure while the monthly subscription will go up as new features are added.

What will I get for it? What other features will I get with my subscription?

With the Insider's Pass you get access to the majority of editorial content which will be available in the future on from writers such as GarryP, TDaniels, MJDavidson, George Young, Mark, jcjc and GOSC. In addition, there will soon be a temporary premium message board available that will be the place where more sensitive information can be released that can't be published publicly. Over the next several months, more features will be added, including a permanent premium message board, premium chat and e-mail notification, among other things. You'll also get access to all the other college team premium stories.

Where will I be able to access the stories?

The stories will be accessible in a couple of different places. You'll be able to access them like you would any other story that's displayed on the front page, only the premium stories will have a star next to their headline. There is also a premium story archive that you can reach from the left-hand navigation bar on the site.

Will there still be a free message board?

Yes, there will be continue to be free stories placed on the main page of the site and a non premium message board will still be available.

How do I sign up?

Click on the Insider's Pass Subscription Page and follow the sign-up instructions.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

For more information on the newsletter please call 949/222-1048. The cost is $49.95 per year available via fax or 1st class mail for 22 issues featuring commentary, analysis and opinions of Trojan football. You can also order by sending a check or credit card info to Trojan Sports Publishing, 3943 Irvine Blvd #109, Irvine, CA 92602.

How do I get access to the premium recruiting package?

There is an added recruiting package that can be purchased in addition to the premium package called "The Insider's Recruiting Pass." The Recruiting Pass provides you access to all of the recruiting sites in network, including Pac-West Football, Prep West Hoops, Blue Chip Hoops,,,, and These sites can only be accessed by subscribing to the recruiting package. As part of the package, new features are on the way, including a searchable recruiting database, premium message boards, chats, email alerts, and more. Also, if you purchase a network ticket it directly helps support "The Insider's Recruiting Pass" is $5.95 per month or $69.95 annually. The "Insider's Recruiting Pass" is a separate subscription, you do not get access to the premium content if you only subscribe to the "Insider's Recruiting Pass". You can sign up for it at the Subscription Option Page.

I want to thank everyone again for their continued support of

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