USC recruiting Hawaiian target...

The Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou School standout is hearing from all over the country this spring....

With 13 offers and counting, Semisi Uluave has plenty of options. At this point, he is just building relationships with his recruiting coaches and trying to learn more about every school.

"It really a blessing to have some many good options," Uluave expressed. "I'm enjoying the recruiting process and really trying to figure out what school is the best fit for me. USC and Colorado are probably recruiting me the hardest right now, so I'm digging both those schools a lot right now."

"I have a high interest in Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, Utah, BYU, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma too," Uluave stated. "Each school has some things that I am really excited about. Academically, Stanford and UCLA really look good to me and my family. Oklahoma has a strong football tradition and are always ranked pretty high. My dad played football at Utah, and I love the mixture of the PAC-12 and LDS culture going on at the U. My mom went to BYU and they obviously have a strong LDS presence as well. Wisconsin, with coaches all coming from Utah, also understand how important my LDS ties are."

"USC and Colorado are probably recruiting me the hardest right now, so I'm digging both those schools a lot right now."

The decision to go on a mission is up in the air right now for Uluave, but his Mormon roots are very important to him.

"I am not sure if I will go on a mission," Uluave said. "But my beliefs are important to me and I want to be somewhere where I am comfortable being Mormon. That is one of my biggest ties to the schools in Utah, as well as Wisconsin."

Uluave is also driven in the classroom, he has always been a great student outside of English.

"School is very important to me and my parents," Uluave explained. "I have always struggled in English, so this year I decided to get a tutor and I actually earned a B+ last quarter!"

"When I think of my dream school, academics are the focus of that place. I have a lot of different paths I could see myself taking in school. My first passion is psychology. I really want to be a counselor someday, helping people is a huge dream of mine. After that, business is a potential option. The last one may come as a bit of a surprise... and that is music & theater! I spend a lot of my free time playing music and acting, which I guess is pretty rare for a big offensive linemen."

When Semisi Uluave isn't honing his acting skills, he is often mauling people on the football field. Uluave has played guard the last two seasons, but will be playing tackle this season. At 6'4 300 lbs, Uluave is incredibly light on his feet and bends at an elite level.

"This entire off-season has been devoted to working on my agility," Uluave said. "I have been maintaining my strength and really focusing on my quickness. Now that I will be playing tackle, my kick step has become a priority, and I feel like I have improved a lot."

As far as spring and summer plans, Uluave is kind of up in the air.

"I am going to LA for the SPARQ combine in the middle of May," Uluave said. "Outside of that, nothing is really planned. I go to a lot of the Hawaii practices, and have a good relationship with the guys over there. Heading back to the mainland is unlikely this spring or summer though. At this point we will save up money for official visits and stuff."

If Uluave isn't going to leave the island, that may bring the mainland to him.

"Vanderbilt and USC have been out here to see me," Uluave claimed. "I think Stanford, UCLA, Utah, and Wisconsin all have plans to come out as well. I am hoping California comes out this way and extends an offer. They are one of the schools I really like, and I know I have to get my grades up to go there.

Uluave is one of the more versatile linemen in the 2015 class, he is capable of playing all five positions on the offensive line. Yet, Uluave believes he has better strengths than his versatility.

"I will do anything in my power to win," Uluave explained. "Whatever school I end up choosing may not get the best player out there, I know I'm not the best, but I know that I won't be outworked. In addition to that, I am a great teammate. I do my best to pick people up, and if I can tell somebody is have a tough day or playing poorly in a game or at practice, you can guarantee I'm going to pick them up.

Semisi Uluave is a jack of all trades on and off the football field. He can snap the ball, play left tackle, or recite Shakespeare... not too shabby.

Editor Note: Uluave does not currently hold a USC offer.

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