Ryan Nielsen Q&A

Q&A with USC DT Ryan Nielsen

"Go through the other players on the line."

"Lonnie Ford, very fast, we are looking for a lot of sacks from him coming off the edge and to create a lot of havoc in the backfield. We need some big plays from him this year. Bernard Riley, he's the anchor in the middle, a big guy. He plays the run extremely well and I think we work very well together. Kenechi Udeze has come a LONG way, I'm looking for him to have a real big year. Omar Nazel is shifty, hard to block and deceivingly strong. Nate Goodson is a hard worker who plays the run well. The player who is going to surprise people is Shaun Cody. There is talk of if he will or will not start but if he's on the travelling squad and he can play, that is enough. This kid can play. He works hard and this whole freshman class on the line is a great class. With Patterson and Wardlow, in a couple years those guys are going to be awesome."

"What changes have you seen on the line in the transition of defensive coaches?"

"Coach Carroll, he's a good teacher. Meeting time is a little more and practice time is a little less. We're learning more than anything on the field right now, I couldn't be happier with the switch. Having had 3 head coaches in my time here, I've learned a lot from each one and that's a good thing. Heading into my senior season I've taken a little from each coach and that's helped me out as a football player. I'm just looking to go out, have a good year and make some plays."

"Talk about Coach Orgeron."

"I've been with Coach O a long time now, I've heard it all from him, but again I couldn't be happier than to have him as my coach. I also have to thank Coach Hackett because he's the one who brought Coach O here and with the defensive lines that he's coached in the past and all the players in the NFL it speaks for itself."

"What did you work on in the off season?"

"My legs, legs and quickness. I'm just trying to get that lower half right so I can make some plays."

"What kind of football player is Ryan Nielsen?"

"Hard worker. I work hard. I also have good technique."

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