Justin Wyatt interview

An interview with USC verbal Justin Wyatt

Justin Wyatt of Compton Dominguez HS is one of the top cornerbacks on the West Coast. Wyatt attended the USC summer camp where he blanketed opposing receivers with his blazing speed and loose hips. His performance was so impressive that Pete Carroll followed with a scholie offer and Justin happily accepted…Or so we thought, until a recent internet report indicated that Wyatt's commitment to SC wasn't a firm one. To clear things up, I put in a call to Justin and here's what he had to say:

WEARESC.COM: So Justin, are you still committed to SC?

Justin: Yeah I am.

WEARESC.COM: So does that mean you won't be taking other trips?

Justin: Yeah, I think I am going to take my trips. I'm still kinda open, but right now it looks like I'll be going to SC.

WEARESC.COM: If you had to put a percentage on you becoming a Trojan, what would you say?

Justin: I'd say somewhere between 80-85%

WEARESC.COM: So what are the other schools that you're looking at?

Justin: Stan, UCLA, Tex A&M, Arizona.

WEARESC.COM: What do you like about USC?

Justin: Oh, I like the defense. The head coach is a defensive coach. I like Pete Carrol a lot. I like the whole coaching staff a lot and I might have a good chance of coming in and playing my freshman year.

WEARESC.COM: Which coach is recruiting you

Justin: Coach Kirby has my area.

WEARESC.COM: Do you get along with him, do you like him?

Justin: Oh Yeah, We get along REEAALL Well. He's really down to earth and he's competitive, real, real competitive. Coach Walker, who coaches the DB's and coach Kirby, who coaches the WR's really go at it sometimes (laughing).

WEARESC.COM: Dominic Robinson called you the best DB he faced all last year. How did you fare against him?

Justin: He said that? (Laughing) Oh man, he's a great receiver. We have a lot of respect for each other. Well, he ran a streak and I was looking at his eyes. Usually a receiver's eyes get real big when the see the ball, but he didn't show me anything till the last second. All of a sudden, his hands went up so I turned around to look and the ball just went past my face so fast.

WEARESC.COM: So was that a touchdown?

Justin: Yeah that was a touchdown.

WEARESC.COM: Did he catch anything else on you?

Justin: I think that was the only catch he had on me.

WEARESC.COM: So what would you say are your current strengths? Weaknesses?

Justin: I'd say that bump and run coverage is my strength. I'm fast so that if I do mess up, I can recover. And for my weaknesses, I'd say that it's playing off because you let the receiver make the move on you, and I don't like that.

WEARESC.COM: Forty time? Bench? Height? Weight?

Justin: My best forty time is 4.32 and I can bench 295. Right now I'm 5-11 and 3/4! (laughing).

WEARESC.COM: Oh I'll just put you down as 6-0!

Justin: Oh man, I'm tryin' to get there…and right now, I'm 178.

WEARESC.COM: Do you run track by the way?

Justin: Yeah I run track.

WEARESC.COM: What do you run the 100 in?

Justin: The last time I ran the 100 was my freshman year and I ran a 10.65.

WEARESC.COM: Wow! Was that handtimed?

Justin: No, it was electronically timed. I couldn't believe it either, but it was in the CIF prelims and I didn't advance because I was running against Kareem Kelly and Darrell Rideaux!

WEARESC.COM: Could you possibly trip to USC?

Justin: I'm thinking about it. I think I might.

WEARESC.COM: I think that's it, thank a lot Justin!
Justin: OK, thank you.

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