Lucier-South reveals top 11 schools

Five-star defensive end Keisean Lucier-South will unofficially visit USC this weekend

Orange (Calif.) Lutheran defensive end Keisean Lucier-South has been MIA from USC the past six months.

With junior days and spring games come and gone, Lucier-South is the one top local recruit Trojans fans have almost written off.

Friday, Lucier-South decided it was time to release a top 11 that included USC, UCLA, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Oregon, Texas, Notre Dame, LSU and Oklahoma.

That list was created in no particular order, not is it a final list of college options Lucier-South will consider.

"I just felt it was time," said Lucier-South. "I'm thinking about unofficial visits right now, and these were the schools that interest me. I like my list and I think I did a good job with it.

"Some schools sort of stop talking to me, so this was also about the schools that talk to me a lot and are interested. They send me a lot of letters and reach out to me, so that's what I looked at in my top 11.

"There could be a school that offers me and changes things, but these are the schools I'm focused on right now. I think people may be surprised Bama isn't on that list. I think people might be surprised schools like LSU, Florida and Oklahoma made the list."

It remains to be seen whether Lucier-South will take unofficial visits to the Florida or Southern schools on his list. His hope is to eventually create a top five going into his senior season.

Earlier this month, Lucier-South did decide to take an unofficial visit to USC to meet the new coaching staff one-on-one. With no practice, no game and no other events going on, it was very much a trip for and about Lucier-South.

"Yeah, I'm really trying to get a feel with them," said Lucier-South of USC. "I wanted to talk with the coaches and see the players. I wanted to get out to junior day and the spring game, but I was just busy.

"I had a basketball game for the junior day and the spring game was at the same time I had things going on with my family, so I couldn't make that either.

"The most important part of the visit for me was talking to the coaches. What do they want to do with me if I go there? I had a great talk with Coach (Chris) Wilson, the defensive line coach. We talk a lot of Twitter, so I know him. I also spoke to Coach (Justin) Wilcox as well."

The result of that visit was very positive for USC.

"I have a great feel for SC right now," said Lucier-South. "They're a home town team, and they kind of have an advantage because they were one of my first big offers.

"I really like the coaching staff too. I have a good relationship with Coach Sark because he was at Washington and that was my second offer. I know what he is about and he's a great coach."

UCLA rose to No. 1 on Lucier-South's list of college choices this summer, but as July approaches, the five-star defensive end is backing off naming a favorite.

"It's fair game," said Lucier-South. "I honestly don't have a leader now. At first, I was feeling UCLA, Michigan or even USC, but now I'm pretty open. People say I'm a UCLA guy or a Michigan guy, but it's fair game."

USC, UCLA and several other schools like Lucier-South as a hybrid defensive end. It's a position he is just getting familiar with.

"They want me to be that kind of hybrid stand up guy at end who can also put his hand down," said Lucier-South. "I watched film with the coaches, so I know what I would do and all that.

"Right now in high school I'm playing outside linebacker this year. I'll play some d-end too, but I want to get the feel of playing standing up. The coaches feel my pass rushing skills are good, so they want me to work on my drops and playing in coverage."

So far, the work has paid off. For the first time at a regional event, Lucier-South lined up at outside linebacker during the Dana Hills Air Strike Tournament and performed well.

"I usually play only offense at those tournaments, so it was a little different," said Lucier-South. "I really like pass rushing, but I had a lot of fun." Top Stories