Samia camps at USC

Dru Samia attended the USC Linemen Camp Saturday and will now attend the UCLA Linemen Camp Sunday

Danville (Calif.) four-star offensive lineman Dru Samia came to the USC Lineman Camp looking for a scholarship offer from the Trojans.

Arriving in Los Angeles with 11 scholarships and counting, Samia understood that the competition and intensity of the camp would be unrivaled.

Saturday, he hit Howard Jones Field and was not disappointed.

"It took a little bit of getting use to," said Samia. "I got the hang of it after a while, but really was intense and competitive.

"Every play they were screaming, ‘Do it again, do it again.' It was really organized and guys were just going and going really hard. It was crazy. Everyone got a lot of reps."

While the was the first time Samia worked with the USC coaching staff on campus, he trained with several Trojan coaches at the All-Polynesian Camp in Utah last week. 

"I saw the coaches just a couple of days ago, so they've been watching me and telling me that they like what I've been doing," said Samia.  "Today, they told me the same thing.

"They're going to just keep evaluating me."

No scholarship offer for Samia Saturday, but the day involved more than just meeting with the Trojan coaching staff.

"I definitely learned a lot from the camp," said Samia. "I played guard for most of the camp, so I learned that at guard you have to attack your man off the snap. At tackle you can dance an finesse the defensive lineman a little bit.

"As a guard you have to attack and hit people. I also learned that when you wash out, you have to come back and forget about what happened the play before. The coaches want to see how you bounce back."

Samia also had the opportunity to tour the athletic facilities at USC.

"The stories about how grand and big USC is are all true," said Samia. "I got to see that for myself. The tradition and everything lives up to the hype."

If a scholarship offer does come, Samia would highly consider USC.

"If everything works out with USC, it would be a big choice," said Samia. "It's a great school and the competition level there would only make me a better player."

However, there's still plenty of factors that will influence his recruitment in which USC is still a mystery.

"We only toured the Coliseum and the football facilities, so in terms of education and other facilities, I really I have to learn more about that."

Samia will now head to Westwood where he will attend the UCLA Lineman Camp.

"I'm not looking for anything specific," said Samia. "My expectations are that they are a great school with a great coaching staff, so we'll see how it goes." Top Stories