Gustin Continues To Ride High On USC

Porter Gustin decided to head out to USC for their Rising Star Camp, despite not being 100%...

The Salem Hills (UT) do it all athlete continues to make USC a priority. Despite recovering from a slight wrist injury, Porter Gustin thought it would be worthwhile to compete in the USC Rising Stars Camp. It turns out the defensive end/linebacker hybrid was right.

"You know, it is unfortunate I wasn't able to fully participate, but coming out here was totally worth it," Gustin explained. "I got to know Coach Sirmon better. He is a good guy that really knows the game well. Playing for him is something I could really see myself doing. Also, meeting guys like Rasheem Green and John Houston is cool. Some of the best players in the country are drawn out to a camp like this, and it's cool to build relationships with these guys you could be playing with or competing against."

Gustin will always be his own harshest critic. Whenever he competes, he wants to be the best, and being limited to basically one arm hindered his performance.

"It was tough for me to be out there, but have to kind of take it easy," Gustin claimed. "With that being said, I learned a lot from the coaching. Coach Sirmon really knows his stuff, as do the other coaches. My performance may have been below average, but I was still able to takeaway a lot."

The Trojans are one of the clear frontrunners for Gustin. Gustin has placed a premium on going to a program that can lead him to a few National Championships, and he believes USC is heading in that direction. The allure of the Trojans past and the amount of talent being stockpiled in the past few years has him buying into what Coach Sarkisian is building.

"There's no doubt about it, USC is one of my top schools," Gustin stated.

Whatever Porter Gustin sets his mind to, he ends up succeeding. He is an elite football player, on the radar of multiple MLB teams for pitching, a standout basketball player, and one of Utah's best track & field athletes without even practicing for it. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida State and a few others will be tough competition, but the USC Trojans have to feel good about where they stand with Gustin at this point. Top Stories