Owens rates USC

Clovis West wide receiver Darian Owens is rated No. 17 nationally in the class of 2016 by Scout.com

Clovis (Calif.) West junior wide receiver Darian Owens has proven over the past three months that he is at the top end of an incredibly deep 2016 class of wide outs in California.

Owens most recent exploits came at the USC seven-on-seven tournament two weeks ago.

"It was cool being a part of that because in between games I could talk with the coaches," said Owens. "We would break down the next game, how I felt about the college and which side of the ball I would want to play on if I went there.

"It was pretty cool because I was connecting with Coach (Keith) Heyward and Coach (Steve Sarkisian) Sark."

Owens is being recruited as an athlete by USC, but he has made his name on the camp circuit as a receiver. During the tournament, Owens was a stand out on both sides of the football.

"Coach Heyward has me playing both safety and cornerback on defense," said Owens. "He wanted to see where I fit at for USC. Coach Sark just wanted them to throw the ball to me as much as possible when I was on offense.

"It was cool because they're very competitive and I'm a competitive person as well."

Although Owens grew up following USC football, this was actually his first time on campus.

"Yeah, I went to the spring game at the Coliseum, but that was just a quick handshake with Coach Sark," said Owens. "After the seven-on-seven games, I got my first chance to take a facility tour and see the school.

"The campus is beautiful and I liked it a lot. I like the stadium, the locker rooms… everything. I wouldn't say they had me sold on it, but it was pretty cool compared to other schools I've seen."

Owens is still set to see Cal in July and Oklahoma Aug. 15. At this point, he has no intention on making a commitment before the start of his junior season.

Still, USC made a very good first impression.

"I'd give USC a seven out of 10 in terms of interest," said Owens. "I grew up liking USC and I've built a love for them, as have my family. I mean, I don't want to commit early and rush things, so I'd just give them a seven out of 10.

"I really like the relationship Coach Heyward and I have together. Coach Helton, Coach Sark and Coach Heyward all want me to keep in touch. My whole family is a part of this decision, but I've seen USC and I've gotten to know the coaches.

"I've talked to the coaches and I can see they're not fake. They want me to be a part of the football team and their school. That kind of puts them above other colleges."

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