Holmes has one official visit set

Pasadena (Calif.) four-star Desean Holmes is back to where he started as a Bishop Alemany High School wide receiver.

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Desean Holmes has great moves on the field, but his zig zagging patterns from high school to high school have been even harder to follow.

In June, Holmes ended up back where he started. He went from Alemany to Muir and back to Alemany just a few weeks ago.

“I had two deaths in my family, so it was hard for my mom,” said Holmes. “She just decided to have me closer to her because Alemany is about 30 miles away from where I live.

“I live closer to Muir, so that’s why I was going there. But she got past everything and is feeling better, so now I’m back at Alemany.”

While family tragedy forced Holmes to move from school to school it also uprooted his academic situation going into his senior season.

“It’s going pretty good actually,” said Holmes. “I finished my last semester with a 3.0 GPA over at Muir. Last year I ended with a 2.7 overall and just finished taking night school.

“I’m making up more classes right now that I didn’t take at Muir and so hopefully that will boost me up to at least a 2.9 or 2.8.”

As Holmes improves his academic standing, he juggles the recruiting process. In that respect, he is already ahead of the curve.

“I have an official visit set actually,” said Holmes. “Oct. 8 with Oklahoma. They play Baylor that week, so I’m pretty excited for that already.

“When I come back from here (The Opening), I’m actually going down to USC to take an unofficial to see the coaches and just talk to them about recruiting and all that.”

Holmes was scheduled to attend the USC Skills Camp, but with summer school vital to his eligibility, the classroom came first.

 “Yeah, it was kind of hard because my summer school, I start at 10 a.m., so it’s hard to get down there. It’s kind of tough on us with the time.”

That doesn’t mean he is any less interested in USC. The Trojans have been Holmes’ top choice since he was offered a scholarship by Lane Kiffin last year.

But USC has some competition.

“I’m actually looking at three schools right now the most,” said Holmes. “That’s Oklahoma, USC and Washington State. All three of them are equal right now. I’m just looking for that good chemistry with my coach and coaches.”

Holmes has different reasons to like each program. 

“Well now SC going more spread, and that’s great,” said Holmes. “I’m loving that. And they’re close to home too.

“With Washington State, last year, I guess, they started 17 freshmen, so the coach said I could get in the mix there. And then Oklahoma, it’s just… it’s Oklahoma. Can’t go wrong with that.”

While Holmes is attending The Opening this week, Wednesday was likely his last day of competition.

“The competition is great,” said Holmes. “I haven’t participated in too many events because of my ankle. I kind of rolled it last week at a seven-on-seven tournament that we were playing in.

“I actually rolled it again so I think I’m done for the whole event now. It got swollen again so I’m just going to sit out now and watch everything.”

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