Beckner talks Trojans

East St. Louis four-star defensive end Terry Beckner Jr. has been largely disinterested in recruiting this spring, but he was a big USC fan at one point in his life

East St. Louis (Ill.) defensive end Terry Beckner was one of the first big out of state recruits in the 2015 recruiting cycle to name USC as a favorite school.

Since that point in late 2013, USC has faded from mention in many of Beckner’s interviews.

“Tee Martin, sometimes I’ll call him and talk to him, but I’m not really focused too much on colleges,” said Beckner. “Right now, I’m really more focused on my school and my school work.

“I have my senior season to worry about, so with recruiting, I’ll just let it come when it comes.”

But attending events like The Opening, Beckner is thrust into the recruiting spotlight. Thus far, the 6-foot-4, 295-pound four-star defensive end has only visited Missouri unofficially, so traveling to the West Coast for football is a new experience.

“It was good, but nothing I didn’t expect,” said Beckner. “I mean, at The Opening, you have the best players coming in from everywhere, so I was focused on testing myself against those other players more than anything else.

“I don’t want to think too highly of myself, but I think I did alright.”

Beckner played mostly defensive tackle at The Opening, where he garnered positive reviews for his performance. Quick and strong, Beckner has no preference in scheme or what position he plays in college.

“Inside, outside, I’ve played it all,” said Beckner. “They’re all comfortable to me.”

Comfort is a word that gets throw a lot by recruits when picking colleges. Never having been far from home, it raises the question as to why Beckner favored USC as a college choice earlier in the process.

“I had never been to California, but I have family out there,” said Beckner. “I was really looking forward to just seeing how it was. My cousin is a USC fan, so I always said USC would be one of my schools.

“That was when I was young. All I would tell people is, ‘I want to go to USC, I want to go to USC.’ I use to walk around with a helmet on because he was from Cali.

“USC has always been on one my dream schools because I wanted to go see Cali.”

Beckner still has the opportunity to officially visit USC, among many other colleges nation wide. The decision to begin naming official visit destinations will happen after his senior season.

“I’d say November, December I’ll start thinking about it,” said Beckner. “USC is there, but like I said, I really haven’t thought about it. I have to look at my list after I’m done with my senior season.” Top Stories