Q&A with Kori Dickerson

Interview with USC TE Kori Dickerson


"Hue Jackson talked about the possibility of switching you to TE several years ago, was that an option?"

"We talked about it then but unfortunately the offensive scheme wasn't what it is now and I would have been more of an inconvenience because I would've had to do more blocking and I don't think that's my strong suit. I'd been in his ear ever since he started recruiting me when he was at Cal so when he was at USC I was always hitting him up, asking when I could get a shot on offense. They tried, though, they put me at receiver for a hail mary play last year, stuff like that to use my high jumping attributes. It was funny on that hail mary because we used to practice that play like twice a week but our timing was off and by the time I located the ball it was so far over my head that nobody could have caught it."

"What has been the hardest adjustment?"

"That's a good question. Probably just catching the ball, I think that's the biggest thing. I need to get reacclimated to the different ways of catching the ball, using the triangle with my hands and being effective. The hardest part is when you are tired your concentration starts to decrease a little bit and that's the thing you try to work on, catching the ball when you are exhausted or worn out. I think that's the biggest thing because this offense is so simplified, it's not complicated yet it is complex, and you can't target any one guy. If someone says they are gonna try to take away Kareem then Carson's gonna go to somebody else and if it's me I need to be ready."

"What kind of year will Carson have?"

"I know Carson is a competitor, he's going to come to play every game. He's a phenomenal athlete who can pretty much do whatever he needs to do and with Coach Chow giving him the chance to do a little bit of everything he's going to be a lot more effective."

"How has this transition been different from the move to LB from DE?"

"The one thing about the transition from defensive end to linebacker was that I had to learn so many pass coverages but moving to TE has been good because I've been on defense for 3 years so I know a lot of the schematics of defense and how to beat those TE blocks. Now that I'm at TE I know which blocks to do and which ones not to do. It's been real smooth, I feel comfortable. It should be fun."

"If someone came to you and said describe Kori Dickerson as a TE, what would you say?"

"Ohhh, speed. This year my speed has risen, I run a 4.4 40 now, and I don't know too many tight ends who can do that at 6-5, 233. A lot of people when they saw us in passing leagues were saying I ran like Terrell Owens and that's fine with me. I think the main reason Coach Carroll and Coach Chow asked me to do this was because of my ability to stretch the defense and also because I bring a little of the defensive mentality to the offense, bring over a little toughness."

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