USC-Stanford battle continues for St. Brown

Servite wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown is watching television closely these days. The 6-foot-5, 205-pound four-star wide out paid special attention this Saturday when the USC Trojans traveled to Palo Alto to play the No. 13 Stanford Cardinal.

USC won a huge battle on the field Saturday when the Trojans beat Stanford 13-10 in Palo Alto, but the battle for Anaheim (Calif.) Servite four-star wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown on the recruiting trail continues.

Stanford, USC and Notre Dame have been mainstays in St. Brown’s recruitment. He has unofficially visited all three schools and all three schools contact him on a weekly basis.

Thus, the game at The Farm this weekend naturally had St. Brown’s attention.

“Yeah, I watched the whole game on TV,” said St. Brown. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to see because SC has a new staff, so I wanted to see what they were going to do against a mature Stanford team that’s been together for a longer time.

“I thought that SC was younger, so they didn’t have the size that Stanford had, but I think they were more athletic and made bigger plays.”

St. Brown also made the USC, Fresno State game the week before.

“First of all, I liked how they threw the ball a lot,” St. Brown. “They spread it around. They rotate a lot of receivers. They got the freshman JuJu (Smith) in the game. They threw it to him a lot, so that’s what I like. They get freshmen involved and I want to play as a freshman.

“All of the receivers get to play and get a lot of reps. I think they share the ball. They throw it around to different receivers and move them into a lot of different positions. I like that a lot.”

But the unofficially visit to USC that week was less of a visit to USC and more a trip to the Coliseum to watch a game.

“I got there right as the game was starting, so I got on the field for like two minutes and then they said I had to go in the stands and then I watched the game,” said St. Brown. “Last year, I went there before a game and got to talk to the coaches in the meeting rooms, which was pretty cool.”

While St. Brown did not meet with the USC coaching staff after the Fresno State victory, he did talk to wide receivers coach Tee Martin that week and this week.

“He just asked what I think about the offense, do I actually like it, questions like that,” said St. Brown. “He wanted to know how I would fit in there. It was just small talk.”

Keeping with the theme of USC, Stanford and Notre Dame, St. Brown will officially visit South Bend when the Cardinal meet the Fighting Irish Oct. 4.

“I haven’t watched many games,” St. Brown. “I watched SC play Stanford on TV and I watched Notre Dame play Michigan. I’m going to watch more college games and see where I want to take my officials to.

“I mainly watch the offenses, but I also focus in on what they do on defense too. I want to see what kind of coaching decisions are being made and when it gets hard, if they make the right calls and things like that.

“I’m still going to take my Notre Dame official, I think. I don’t know if I’m going to take any officials to SC or Stanford because they’re the local schools. I’m still going to think about it. I might take them depending on what time I commit.”

At this point, St. Brown has no timeframe for a commitment, so he remains open to unofficially visiting as many schools as he can locally before determining where he will go officially.

“I definitely want to get up to see UCLA,” said St. Brown. “I haven’t seen any of their games yet, but I plan on getting to one of their home games. I know I’ll be at the USC-UCLA game.”

While Stanford, USC and Notre Dame are often regarded as favorites for St. Brown’s commitment, the Under Armour All-American isn’t ready to list a lead group of college choices just yet.

“I’m not sure,” said St. Brown. “I’m still waiting to see how each school does during the season. A lot can change and a lot of things could change my mind, so I’m going to wait.” Top Stories