Instant Analysis: Arizona State

The Trojans gave up 510 yards passing including a last second Hail Mary in the 38-34 loss to ASU. Ryan Abraham and Dan Weber share their thoughts from the Coliseum.

Unfortunately audio for this video had a technical problem. Thanks to Marshall for trying to give a recap:

Tried to transcribe the video to the best of my abilities. Was hard to hear Dan, but here is what I got from it:

Instant Analysis Transcript

This is Ryan Abraham, Dan Weber for Instant analysis outside of the Coliseum where USC just lost to Arizona State, I believe the score was 38-34. It was hard to tell what the score was. Touchdown, four of them in the last couple of minutes. It was absolute pandaemonium. It looked like USC had the game in the bag and somehow they lost to Arizona State. Huge in the Pac-12 South.

… Sark said he’d never seen a Hail Mary before…

You could excuse the corner trying to make a play, I know that’s not the right situation, not the right thing to do in that situation, but there should be a backup, some contingency plan behind him that if the cornerback doesn’t make the play, there’s two guys deep trying to stop him.

… I’ll agree with Sark on this, his players deserved that win…

I think they did fight hard, the players, but the question was the decisions in the last couple of minutes. USC up a couple of points, Arizona State had used all of their timeouts, which is crazy as it didn’t even seem like a possibility under two minutes. They were trying to run the football and were going backwards and go with the fourth pooch punt by Cody Kessler, who we’ve never seen punt in a game or practice.

Maybe they’re doing it, but they moved us down to the last 16 yards of the field. So maybe he’s been doing it, but we just don’t get to see him do it. No, I’m guessing they save that for Thursday… I think the idea was it was a precaution so they were afraid to go with their regular punt unit… (Dan goes on to explain how Albarado could have punted a high pooch kick himself and taken more time off of the clock)…

There was time there and of course the extra yardage and unfortunately, immersed in all of this, we got to see USC tailback Buck Allen in the media room, nobody asked him the question. He had over 100-yards of offense, scored touchdowns, had 80 something yards receiving, and just had a great game which was spoiled by the end of this one.

.. This is kind of a disaster. And now they’re talking about, we’ll hang in there, we’ll show something next week, we’ll show up and we’ll see, this team is better than saying we’ll show up, we’ll come back, we’ve learned form this and all of that stuff … This is not the way you need to learn lessons… You’d like to learn these things in practice…This is a team in disarray… Talented team with a lot of uneven parts, a lot of young kids… (Goes on to say how Todd Graham said his team believes in one another, and Dan says this USC team does not believe in one another)…

Certainly. I just want to end on this note. USC has to go on the road to take on an Arizona team that went on the road and beat a great Oregon squad. What is the mentality? Is this something you can bounce back and recover from?

(Dan says the unevenness of the coaching staff causes some problems, more too, but I can’t hear)

Well that’s going to wrap it up here at the Coliseum. A shocker with huge implications for the Pac-12 South. For Dan Weber, this is Ryan Abraham. Check out for more. Top Stories