Rector looking ahead

Loyola Cubs three-star defensive end Christian Rector expects to play rush end at USC next year, but his phyiscal development could change those plans.

Loyola defensive end Christian Rector is a player that could reinvent himself in college.

According to head coach Marvin Sanders, Rector has the ability to play as a hybrid linebacker in college or gain the weight to play with his hand down.

“He’s about 6-foot-6, 245-pounds right now and he is still growing,” said Sanders. “I think he can hold 260-pounds easily and even can get bigger if that’s what USC wants. That will be interesting depending on what their need is.”

This season Rector has 41 tackles and eight for losses. However, while he had seven sacks as a junior, he only has one sack this season. But he has also tried to transition to playing in a  two-point stance this year.

“USC sees me dropping back about half the time I play rush end, so I’ve been working on that more this season,” said Rector. “I’m learning to be more aggressive all over the field and not just pass rushing. Like reading the quarterback and reading the option.

“At USC I think I’d be a stand up end. Go to the two point stance and cover the back out of the backfield.”

Of course, there is always the chance he game develops more as a down lineman.

“Some of the coaches at SC are talking about that I could be up at 260 by the time the season comes around,” said Rector. “I don’t know yet.

“I’m really trying to just prove my speed. How fast I am off the ball and my closing speed. I want to show that I’m able to play at the next level and play with the big guys.”

When that happens is to USC’s discretion. While some high school seniors are all about early playing time in college, Rector will leave his contributions in the hands of his coaches. 

“We haven’t really talked about that, but I’m okay with whatever as long as I’m helping my team out,” said Rector. “If they think I’m ready to play, I’m all for playing early.”

Rector says he is “locked in” with USC, but the only other recruit he talks to frequently outside of his own teammates is Gardena (Calif.) Serra five-star defensive end Rasheem Green.

“The coaches at USC talked to me about my communication with other guys, but I haven’t really been calling other players to talk to them like that,” said Rector. “I think I’m going to get into that and start talking to other guys more.” Top Stories