Pomee working on a comeback

Junior Pomee was a four-star prospect out of Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley who was named All-Inland Empire first team and All-Inland Valley League first team as a senior wide receiver.

LONG BEACH, Calif. — The Riverside City College Tigers had a big win Saturday night against Long Beach City College to retain the state’s No. 1 junior college ranking.

And while the Tigers headed off the field in celebration after a 27-21 win, the Trojans became the subject of conversation.

USC is now considered the school to beat for Tiger wide receiver Isaac Whitney, who sported a Trojans windbreaker in pregame. But the Tigers also have former Trojans DeVante Wilson and Junior Pomee on the squad.

Getting his academics in order since being dismissed at USC for legal issues, Pomee is just getting back on the field for RCC this season.

“I was out of football for a year, and then I had to drop a class this semester so they kept me out a few more games,” said Pomee. “This is only my second game back, so I’m just happy to be playing football to be honest.

“I was more of a run blocker in this offense tonight, but that’s fine. This was a big win for us. I’m working my way back, and I’m still a little rusty. But man, working this whole week with my team, we’re just trying to accomplish something big.

“Yeah, I’m not really use to being a blocking tight end, but whatever helps the team.”

The leap from playing D-I football at a school like USC to playing junior college football at Riverside City College has been a reality check for Pomee. The 6-foot-3, 265-pound tight end is using his time at RCC to reflect on his overall mindset as a student-athlete.

“There's a big difference — I can tell you that right now,” said Pomee. “But it’s about being humble. You go from having everything at USC to barley having anything at the juco level.

“I look back and I’m grateful. Looking back, it was a lesson learned. It’s taught me to be more humble than when I was at SC. It’s a real reality check for me.”

Interestingly, Pomee isn’t the only tight end USC is scouting at RCC.

“USC says they’re currently scouting five tight ends, which includes my teammate Matt Morin,” said Pomee. “We stay in contact and see what’s going on.

“I’m eligible to go back, so I’m going with the flow and waiting to see what happens. If I go back, I would love it. Man, I would be so happy.”

Pomee was removed from the football program in 2013 after being charged with burglary, grand theft and receiving stolen property. However, after months of legal wrangling, all charges against Pomee were dismissed.

Pomee, having initially counted toward the Trojans’ 2011 recruiting class, would not count toward the 24 scholarships USC has available for the 2015 class. With the Trojans well below the 85 scholarship limit, Pomee’s addition to the roster would be like found money for Steve Sarkisian.

“The last time I talked to Sark, he said he really wanted me there,” said Pomee. “I still have contact with the players too, and I asked Tre Madden, ‘Are they really trying to get me back?’

“He said they were really trying to get me back, so I just need to handle what I have to do, so I’ll be ready to go.”

At this point, USC is Pomee’s first option, but Hawaii and Nevada have also been in contact with him as of late.

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