Katin Reinhardt Q&A

Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei guard Katin Reinhardt finds himself at USC by way of UNLV.

Troyhoops.com's Shannon Reiffen caught up with 6-foot-6 guard Katin Reinhardt after Tuesday's closed workout.

SR: “What was the main reason for you transferring to USC?”

KR: “The main reason coming here was just, being home all my redshirt year. I knew it was going to be hard sitting out a whole year and not being able to play so, it was between here and Florida, or Syracuse, so it was like those two schools were back east and it was tough because I didn’t want to go back there my redshirt year. I just wanted to be home, and be able to work out with the guy I work out with and then as well as this coaching staff that came here. You know coach [Tony] Bland I’ve known for a while and coach [Jason] Hart, and obviously coach [Andy] Enfield had a great year.”

SR: “Was having Coach Enfield at USC a big draw for you?”

KR: “That was a big draw, being home and especially having that, that was a plus. So I definitely looked at that, and was like, 'well OK he had a great year,' he’s a players coach, and I was just excited about the staff and everything.”

SR: “Were there any hard feelings or bad blood when you left UNLV?”

KR: “No, I mean me and coach [David] Rice are cool, he understood everything I had to say and there’s no bad blood. I mean, besides the fans, the fans were really frustrated and still are. But the coaches and players and everybody understood the situation and kept moving forward. Coach Rice wished me good luck and still everything is fine.”

Highlights of Reinhardt from Tuesday's practice (warmup portion):

SR: “Was it hard to sit out for a year, just watching?”

KR: “Yeah that was tough, it was one of the things I didn’t want to have to do. But you have to sacrifice for some stuff that you want to do later on in life. I definitely had to suck it up and just deal with it; work out, get better and watch a lot of film.”

SR: “Did that year give you a good transition into being at USC?”

KR: “Yeah! Being able to learn the offensive a year before I came in, so everything wasn’t just thrown at me, as well as how the coaches coach and what they want to see from players, I got to see a lot of that over the offseason, so it definitely helped me come into this year being able to play.”

SR: “How does the team look this year?”

KR: “They look very good, very athletic. We go very hard, which is one thing we have to get used to, playing hard for the full 40 minutes, because you know the young players get used to playing hard and then they can take a break, especially coming from high school. And especially the sophomores and juniors that are on our team, we just have to work hard and play 40 minutes all out.”

SR: What do you think of the new freshmen on the team?”

KR: “[They are] very good. Jordan [McLaughlin] is very good, Elijah [Stewart], Malik Marquetti and Malik Martin are very good, very athletic players. They understand the game, which is very good, and it helps with IQ-wise being able to come in as freshman and do certain things on the floor that can contribute to winning.”

SR: “What is Coach Enfield’s coaching style like?”

KR: “He just really gives you the freedom to make plays as long as you’re playing defense, as long as you’re working hard on the other side, paying attention to detail, busting your butt at every single play. The offense he just looks to run our plays and run what we do but also just have the freedom to make reads, so very player coach, very much so.”

SR: What was the transition like to school, academics wise?”

KR: “That was hard coming from UNLV, but Mater Dei kinda prepped me for coming here, so I had to go back to my roots after the first few weeks of school because I realized it was really hard. Redshirt year was hard in a sense of getting used to what the school system is like, how they run things and now I’m doing a lot better though, picking it up, understanding and stuff. But it was definitely hard.”

Shannon Reiffen is a broadcast journalism student at USC. You can follow her on Twitter at @ShannonReiffen3.

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