USC's Drevno reported to UM with Harbaugh

No official confirmation but sources say USC O-line coach Tim Drevno to Michigan for OC title and big bucks in reuniting with Jim Harbaugh.

Sorry to be coming in late on this. Was taking some time off and should realize that when it comes to USC football, there is no time off from the possibility of breaking news.

And so it appears that after less than a year on the new USC staff of Steve Sarkisian, Tim Drevno's homecoming to SoCal will end abruptly. The USC offensive line coach will be reuniting with his mentor at the University of San Diego, Stanford and the 49er's, Jim Harbaugh, according to a number of sources now. What no one, including Drevno himself considered a possibility just days ago, is now a reality.

The thinking then, as our Gerard Martinez explained, was no way Harbaugh was coming back to college no matter how hard his alma mater Michigan pursued him or how much money was put on the table. That's the part of this that's now easy to understand when you look back at it.,/p>

Harbaugh had become an NFL guy but ultimately realized he'd worn out his welcome in the league and there were no opportunities right now for the money Michigan was waving at him as San Francisco was waving him off. So he took it.

And now he's waving that money, and an upgraded title with more responsibilities, at Drevno, who can not only get significantly more dollars but a bump up in title from USC's run game coordinator in a run game that was more hit and miss than anything this year but one with great potential.

But still, that's all it is right now: potential. The reality this year was that it was anything but certain the way it was schemed for the Trojans.

So having more input has to be attractive for Drevno. Will he be THE offensive coordinator at Michigan or a co-OC with someone like former USC passing game coordinator and OC John Morton, both of whom will really be subordinate to Harbaugh there, is hard to know.

Not sure how that playcalling would go at Michigan although both did some of that with Harbaugh at University of San Diego. No one at Michigan seems to have a clue on any of this. All their sources are in California. And many of those were rumors until USC tackle Zach Banner's congratulatory tweet for Drevno's move up.

Which gets us to the next point here. How is it that a young man on the USC O-line, a pupil who liked Drevno very much, has much more of an adult take on this than a significant number of "the sky is falling" posters here? Is Drevno irreplaceable? No way. Is he the best coach on the staff as so many state so confidently? They can't possibly know. We would have known more next season. Now we won't. But the results this year, like everything else with this USC team, were mixed.

Is this a shot at Sark's program -- or at USC? Not necessarily. Maybe. Maybe not. More money, a longer contract, a better job title with more responsibility can make Ann Arbor look pretty nice even in mid-winter and even for a Torrance guy like Drevno.

Does it hurt USC's offensive line to have its fourth coach in four years this winter? Yep. The three freshmen starters will all be more veteran -- at least as far as USC is concerned -- than the guy coaching them this spring. That hurt Mike Summers last season and Drevno this one. There will be things the new guy really won't know, can't know. And for an O-line, continuity counts -- a lot.

The good news is that it will again force Sark to look outside his circle of former Washington coaches and that can't be all bad. In fact, it can be a major plus if USC does it right. And USC did go all out to do it right last year for both the O-line and D-line vacancies. Just thinking that if Harbaugh starts out his staff with two USC guys that must be saying something for the USC brand.

Now it's up to Sark to show us what he's got and up to Pat Haden to make sure it happens. Sark has said Pat has given him every supportive thing he's asked for. And as he said Sunday, a lot of good coaches around the nation want to come to USC. He also said that he was hopeful that he could keep the coaching staff intact for next season.

Little did we know he was probably talking about Drevno and whatever counter-offer USC had made him. Not sure USC could have possibly beaten Michigan in anything other than players to coach and weather in that matchup. Everything else something of a wash right now. Except for the history with Harbaugh.

And little did we know when we asked Drevno about the Harbaugh-to-Michigan rumors last week in San Diego that all his praise about his former boss and the success he would have wherever he chose to go might have been backed by more insider info than we could ever have guessed.

"He's a great coach," Drevno said, "whatever he chooses to do."

We'll be putting together a Coaches Hot Board to look at all the possibilities to replace Drevno when his leaving becomes official.

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