Trojans offer Terrell Bynum

Anaheim (Calf.) wide receiver Terrell Bynum came into the spring with scholarship offers from Arizona State, Louisville, Colorado State, Washington State and Nebraska. Saturday, he got big news locally.

Servite sophomore wide receiver Terrell Bynum catches almost everything thrown his way, but Saturday’s scholarship offer from USC took him completely by surprise.

The scholarship offer itself wasn’t a surprise so much as the timing of it.

“I knew USC liked me a lot because I’ve talked to Tee Martin before,” said Bynum. “But I haven’t been in contact with USC lately - for a while, actually.

“But today, my head coach from last year told me to give them a call. So I gave Coach Martin a call and that's when they offered. I knew they were going to do it eventually, but I didn’t think they would do it this early.”

In eight games last season, Bynum had 31 receptions for 400-yards and five touchdowns. Transferring in from St. John Bosco to Servite, Bynum was already a known commodity by USC.

“Coach Martin followed me all the way back from Bosco when I was a freshman, so he knew me,” said Bynum. “He liked my athleticism and that I can make plays.

“In my opinion, I think I have good and hands and speed. I’m a pretty good route runner too, but I’m getting better at that.”

While his scholarship offer from USC is a big moment in his recruitment, Bynum remains even keel about recruiting this early in the process.

“It’s USC, and it’s one of the biggest programs on the West Coast,” said Bynum. “It’s very close to home and it’s a great school. That’s what stands out to me.

“I went to Bosco, so I know Damen Mama and I know Juju Smith a little because we’ve trained together. I like USC, but I’m just going through the process as a recruit.”

Bynum is currently traveling through Texas with stops at Texas and Texas A&M in the books. He will unofficially visit Oklahoma and Nebraska this week before heading back home. Of those schools, the Sooners are recruiting Bynum the hardest and could offer him a scholarship on his visit.

Having seen college football outside of California, Bynum still sees one simple factor being the difference in his recruitment.

“I just want a school that will make you a better person and better at football all four years,” said Bynum. “I’m considering schools all over. I’m thinking about committing at the end of this year or the begging on next.

“I want to sit down and talk to my parents about it. I’d like to know where I’m going early, but I have to see more schools still.” Top Stories