USC riding with Carr

Summit High School sophomore tailback Stephen Carr was blindsided at practice Saturday. Not from a blitzing linebacker, but from a phone call to his coach.

Fontana (Calif.) sophomore running back Stephen Carr got news about his future football career while preparing for his future football career Saturday.

While practicing with his club passing team Ground Zero, Carr received a message that USC head coach Steve Sarkisian wanted to speak with him. Taken back, Carr took a break from drills to call Sarkisian.

“I mean, I was surprised that he wanted to talk to me,” said Carr. “They asked for my transcripts on Monday, but then I didn’t really talk tony of the coaches. Then I was thinking, ‘No coach is just gonna want to take to me on a Saturday for no reason. they must be ready to offer.’ I was hoping they would offer.

“So I gave him a call and that’s when he told me they were offering me a scholarship. I was just thankful and blessed. I was excited too though. You should have seen me out here practicing after that. I was giving it to everybody.”

Carr, listed at 6-foot, 180-pounds has packed on a good bit of muscle since that measurement last spring. The Summit High School star already had scholarship offers from Colorado and Washington, but Saturday news was big.

“First off, USC has been my favorite school since I was younger,” said Carr. “They have a good football team, it’s a private school and it’s in L.A. so it’s close to my family.

“I also like the school academically as well. This impacts my recruitment a lot and I hope it leads to more offers. This takes my recruiting level to the top, but I’m taking my time with things.

“When you rush, you never really know what you’re getting into. I’m just a sophomore right now, so I have time to figure things out.”

Carr hopes the USC scholarship offer will entice LSU and UCLA to follow with their own scholarship offers.

“LSU is just a power team and good at running the ball from the games I’ve watched,” said Carr. “With UCLA, it’s close to home and I’ve watched them play since I was little.”

The class of 2017 continues to look staring at tailback, and with Carr, USC sees a prospect with ability to carry the ball on every down.

“The coaches said the like how I move for a big guy,” said Carr. “They like how turn my body and do everything. They see my as a guy that can make plays every down.

“I think USC’s offense is pretty good. They run the ball and pass the ball pretty good. I don’t really care what type of offense I play in though. I just want to get the ball. I feel like the more I get the ball the more likely I can make plays.” Top Stories