Treyjohn Butler Has Confidence In His Ability

Etiwanda (Calif.) four-star cornerback Treyjohn Butler has been talking frequently with USC defensive backs coach Keith Heyward and really likes what USC has to offer.

To be a cornerback, you have to play with confidence. The best cornerbacks toe the line between swagger and arrogance.

If you happen to talk to four-star Etiwanda (Calif.) cornerback Treyjohn Butler, you’ll have no doubt that he believes in his ability to play the position.

Catching up with him after the Nike The Opening Los Angeles Regional, Butler assessed his day going up against other top-tier prospects:

“Today, I was looking more forward to the drills, [pass skeleton 7-on-7] and one-on-ones. I knew when we got in drills that it was going to be a big day because to prepare for that, I’ve been in track for the last couple of months. When we got in drills…killed the drills off. That’s what the coaches were talking about.

“Then being able to play off [the ball at cornerback]. That was my biggest key because that’s where I was going to dominate over everybody else because most people can’t play off. I took my first six or seven reps playing off and all pass breakups. I came up in press. No problems or anything. So it was a good day overall. Probably gave up one catch and it was an out route. I’ll give them that.

“It was a great day. I got to compete with Dylan Crawford, Tyler Vaughns and all those dudes, so it was all competition.”

Butler did scratch his testing numbers, except for his vertical leap, which he said was 35 inches. Since he’s been running track and not preparing for agilities, Butler wasn’t expecting his numbers to be overwhelming, so he scratched them. He even got rid of the 40-yard sprint.

“Yea I scratched my stuff because I didn’t come here for that. That wasn’t my focus,” Butler said. “If they want to know how fast I can run, they can see my track runs. I felt a statement was made yesterday when I ran a 21[-second sprint] in the 200. Speed ain’t a question. I can run with every receiver out here.”

Butler believes he can even improve on his track numbers and potentially get down into the 20s for the 200 and possibly in the 10.4 or 10.3 range in the 100-meter dash. Rather than showcase his speed, Butler was focused on showing he is able to be a shutdown cornerback this weekend.

Listed as the No. 3 cornerback in California and No. 21 in the country, Butler is currently No. 202 in the Scout 300. He has five Pac-12 scholarship offers along with one from Northwestern. He’s hoping to add to that list, but he plans to try to visit each of the six schools that have offered him this spring to show his respect and “get a chance to be around the coaches personally.”

“I’m going to be honest, it’s pretty open. I love every school, the coaching staffs. Everybody is doing a great job and trying to explain the schools to me, offer their style of defense.”

Along with schools on his wish list like Texas A&M, Notre Dame and LSU, he’s been talking a lot with USC, which is one of the top schools for Butler.

“That’s the school you hear about growing up. To be able to get in touch with them and to get to know them was a big deal as well as them breaking down their school. They’re ranked top 10 in the country in academics and they don’t play no games. And they’re alumni base cares so much about their school that it’s just crazy.”

Butler really respects USC defensive backs coach Keith Heyward, who Butler said he’s been chatting with frequently. Heyward has been trying to get Butler to come to one of USC’s summer camps because he “likes to see things hands on,” according to Butler. Even if the scheduling doesn’t work out for a camp, Heyward has continued to stay in touch and keep the conversation going.

The eventual timetable for Butler’s final decision could be skewed by the number of teams that try to come in late on Butler. He said he’s been talking with several teams. The soonest he would make an announcement would be in August before his high school senior season starts up, but as more and more teams begin conversations, the decision could potentially get bumped all the the way back to National Signing Day.

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