Soma Vainuku is keeping busy

Senior fullback Soma Vainuku has been extra busy this spring, getting reps at fullback, tailback and even helping out at tight end.

Fullback Soma Vainuku is one of two senior scholarship fullbacks on the USC roster. His dance card at practice has been full this spring, and Vainuku is making the most of his opportunities.

“It [spring football] has been going good, you know getting back in shape," Vainuku said. "After the season with how fast our offense goes you kinda get out of shape a little bit, but I feel like I’m getting back in shape and stuff so I’m feeling good.”

Vainuku says he is weighing the same now as he was towards the end of last season, around 265 pounds.

“Before the season, when the season comes I’ll be probably like 255, somewhere between 255 and 245," he said. "I usually get heavy in the spring and then I cut down from there. I feel good, yeah I feel great [about weight].”

With limited bodies at fullback and tailback, Vainuku's reps have been through the roof.

It’s been good, you know, it gives me a chance to learn the ‘R’ (the running back position), and to help out Justin [Davis], and Tre [Madden]," he said. "Tre can’t be out there as much, but you know it just gives Justin some time to catch a breather, so that’s what I’m here for to help them out, and get right back out on the field.

“Me and Jahleel [Pinner], we are getting in shape pretty quick. Because I’ll go from ‘R’ (running back) to ‘F’ (fullback), and then he’ll be at the ‘F’ (tight end) and I’ll be at the ‘R’. We are just trying to help each other out as best we can and get ourselves a break and stuff.”

Tight end depth isn't any better, with just one scholarship player and walk-on Connor Spears getting all of the first-team reps.

“We'll kind of change up the personnel to where we will take one of the tight ends out and throw us in there, and you kind of just give them like a piggyback, so one of them is getting a break while the other one is in, and then they can flip flop them.”

Blocking is an important element of Vainuku's game, and he has been getting some work in with new USC offensive line coach Bob Connelly.

“There are some periods during practice when we are working with the O-Line and stuff, and in the meeting room as well," he said. "He’s a great coach, he’s helping us out a lot, and its helping our whole offense as a unit to get better.”

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