Good news for Jackson

Three-star safety Lamar Jackson is quickly becoming one of the region's hottest prospects. With scholarship offers from a half dozen Pac-12 schools, he put another large notch on his belt Wednesday.

Elk Grove (Calif.) safety Lamar Jackson knew a scholarship offer from USC might be on the way when defensive backs coach Keith Heyward told him the Trojans staff would be in contact with good news last week.

Wednesday, Heyward and recruiting coordinator Peter Sirmon had that good news.

“They gave me a little vibe that the offer was coming,” said Jackson. “Coach Sirmon said the Trojans are coming, but they didn’t say when. But we’ve been in contact for a while.

“I’ve been talking to Coach Heyward almost every other day. Last week, Coach Sirmon asked me what it would mean to me to be offered by USC. Afterward, Coach Heyward said he would contact me with some good news.

“Coach Sirmon direct messaged me on Twitter and said ‘The Trojans are coming!’ So I called Coach Heyward and that;s when he told me they were offering me a scholarship. They wanted Coach Sark to do it officially at first, but he got caught up with something today, so they went ahead and offered anyway.”

Jackson, at 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, is rated the region’s No. 8 safety with a bullet. Now with 11 scholarship offers, USC is recruiting Jackson as a defensive back with no specification for safety or cornerbacks.

“They said they like what I bring to the tables,” said Jackson. “They like my size, my speed and my versatility.”

Peter Sirmon asked Jackson what it would mean to be offered a scholarship by USC, and his response was fairly standard.

“They brought in one of the top recruiting classes last year and I like what they’ve done as a new coaching staff,” said Jackson. “I’m building a good relationship with Coach Heyward and I like the way that they play.

“USC puts a lot of guys into the draft too. I don’t know about USC as a school, but I follow sports enough to know they bring in a lot of top guys each year. I follow them and watch their games, so I know they’re an exciting team.”

Jackson has yet to visit USC unofficially, but hopes to do so in the coming weeks. As of now, he has no timetable for narrow down his list of options or naming a favorite school outright.

“Things are happening pretty fast, so I’m just trying to take it all in,” said Jackson. “Eventually, of course, I’m going to have to narrow it down to a top three or five, but it’s all coming at me too fast right now.

“At the ed of the day, I’m going to go where I feel the most love.”

Jackson will attend The Opening Regional in Oakland in May for an invitation to the Opening Finals in July. Top Stories