Andrus gets offered

Sophomore defensive end Martin Andrus is representing Los Angeles High School to the fullest these days. The 6-foot-2, 250-pound 2017 prospect has the market cornered on staying close to home for college if he chooses so.

Los Angeles (Calif.) sophomore defensive end Martin Andrus is the first D-I recruit from his high school in more than decade. But that accomplishment goes further.

Thursday, Andrus was offered a scholarship by USC after attending the Trojans spring practice at the Coliseum. Andrus’ first two scholarship offers are now from USC and UCLA, which is a rare feat in recruiting.

“This was actually my second time watching USC practice,” said Andrus. “When I came up there, I had no idea they were going to offer me a scholarship.

“It was actually before practice I met the defensive line coach, Coach (Chris) Wilson. He came up to me and said they were going to offer. I was just excited. I didn’t know what to say.

“I told my mom and dad. My dad was really happy, although I haven’t even seen him yet because I’m just getting back from campus.

“Then during practice Coach (Steve) Sarkisian came over and talked to me. It changed things watching practice. I was really paying attention to the drills and the key points the coaches were using.

“I spoke to Coach Wilson after practice and he seems like a cool guy.”

Wilson’s message to Andrus after practice was simple.

“He said he liked my film and that he believed that I could be a good player for them one day,” said Andrus. “I’m very interested in USC. I like the facilities, the coaching staff and USC is close to home, which is good. That will be something that will play a big factor in my decision.”

Andrus actually grew up following UCLA football, although that allegiance doesn’t seem to hold much weight at this point in his life.

“I just liked UCLA growing up,” said Andrus. “I can’t really explain why, I just did. But I’m open. I’m going up to Washington a visit pretty soon. I think they’re going to offer me soon, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

While Andrus already has the two scholarship offers most local Los Angeles area recruits covet, he is no where near making any longterm decisions on colleges.

“I’m talking my time and not really thinking about recruiting until my senior year,” said Andrus. “Maybe not my senior year, but right now I’m chilling and talking things slow.” Top Stories