Can't corner Jones just yet

Long Beach Poly cornerback Jackie Jones has been in contact with USC throughout the spring, but the Trojans haven't seen him on campus since February.

Long Beach (Calif.) defensive back Jack Jones is trying to perfect his position of preference and his list of favorite colleges this spring.

Jones has gone from being wide receiver recruit in the eyes of many college scouts to one of the region’s best cornerback prospects. Just a few months ago, Jones was also considered a forgone conclusion to end up at USC.

Now, it’s hard to gauge where USC stand in his recruitment. Dropping USC from his top five favorite colleges, the Trojans coaching staff wasted no time getting back in touch with Jones.

“Coach Tee Martin and Coach (Johnny) Nansen still hit me up all of the time,” said Jones. “They weren’t too worried about not being in my top five.

“I told them that the top five wasn’t set anyway. Really, it changes all of the time. But Tee Martin always stays in contact to see how I’m doing, so we’re good.

“I’m giving every college an opportunity to recruit me and research their program. This is a learning experience for me.”

While Jones continues to impress playing defensive back, he isn’t 100-percent convinced that will be the position he plays in college.

“I’m still kind of not sure,” said Jones. “Going into college, it will depend on what position they want me to play. Right now I want to make sure I perfect playing on both sides of the ball because I don’t know what position I’ll end up playing.”

But Jones knows why he is a good defensive back.

“Last year was really my first year playing receiver,” said Jones. “I’ve been getting coached up by one of the best receivers to play the game in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, so he’s shown me a lot of techniques and tricks.

“When I move over to corner, I see guys doing this same things. I see the little things now that receivers do to tip their hand. They line up outside, they’re probably going inside. When they start to lean one way on their break, they’re setting you up to do something else. I know those techniques because I’ve been taught them playing receiver.”

Jones has not been to USC this spring and has no set plans to visit campus in the near future. He will head to Miami for a B2G Sports Passing Tournament and then unofficially visit UCLA April 19.

Jones interest in USC remains fairly clear-cut, although with recruiting being a “what have you done for me lately” negation between college coach and recruits in many instances, the factors drawing him to the school revolve around his family’s past connection to the football program.

Jones says that will not factor into his decision come signing day.

“It doesn’t matter if my dad and brother are USC to the day that they die,” said Jones. “At the end of the day, I’m going to be the one on the field wearing the colors of whatever school I go to.

“USC is a good school though, and they have a lot of tradition.” Top Stories