A leader for Elliott

Houston (Texas) Westside defensive tackle Jordan Elliott de-committed from Baylor earlier this month, and since then, he has had his eyes firmly planted out of state.

The 2006 Rose Bowl is not a day USC fans remember fondly, although ironically, the Trojans football team made a fan in Houston (Texas) four-star defensive tackle Jordan Elliott despite losing in the national championship game.

While that loss was almost a decade ago, USC remains a school Elliott has rooting interest in.

“I’m letting everybody know, USC is my leader,” said Elliott. “They’re my No. 1 right now. I’m still open and not committing anywhere, but they’re my leader.

“I first started watching them when they played Texas. After that game, I just fell in love with USC. I started researching them everyday to find out more about the school. I’d find out something new about them each day.

“That really became my dream school. It is my dream school. I just have to get out there and see it in person. I’m working on that right now.”

Elliott, who recently de-committed from Baylor, isn’t just giving USC fans lip service when he says he has researched the school either.

“I want to major in business marketing, and USC has one of the top business schools in the nation,” said Elliott. “I’ve seen pictures of the campus and facilities — they all look really nice.

“I like that California feel. I’ve always just imagined how it will be when I get up there.”

That trip will mostly likely happen in June, although Elliott is still in the process of planning his summer itinerary.

“That visit is essential — I’m going to get out there,” said Elliott.

Elliott’s last trip and only trip to Southern California came when he was 6-years-old. That was when his uncle, who now resides in Houston (Texas), lived just outside Los Angeles.

USC defensive line coach Chris Wilson is in charge of orchestrating a trip back to Los Angeles for Elliott.

“Coach Wilson was the one I first spoke to from USC,” said Elliott. “He called my head coach and my head coach gave me his number. It was exciting knowing that USC was interested in me.

“We talked for about 30 minutes. He told me about the school and building a relationship together. Coach Wilson really wants me to see everything up close. It was a good experience speaking with him.”

At 6-foot-4, 300-pounds, Elliott plays both defensive end and defensive tackle in high school. Maybe his biggest question about USC going into an unofficial visit this summer is scheme.

“I still need to know more about how they would use me,” said Elliott. “I still have to talk about how I fit into their scheme with Coach Wilson.”

But USC is hardly the only school pursuing Elliott. Thursday, Michigan defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin was at Westside High School to see Elliott.

Florida State, USC, Michigan… those schools really sparked my interest,” said Elliott. “I have  interest in any school recruiting me right now.

“I’m de-committed from Baylor, but Baylor is still in it too. Every school who is taking a chance on me, I’m considering them an option.”

Elliott has scholarship offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and several other schools closer to home, so his options remain plentiful.

“As far as going in state or out of state, it’s solely up to me,” said Elliott. “My parents want me to follow what’s best for me. I really don’t know where I’ll be yet.”

There is potential that Elliott graduates from high school midyear, although summer school will dictate whether that is a real possibility or not.

Regardless, he does not plan on making another commitment any time soon.

“It’s going to be late — like December late when I make my decision,” said Elliott. “If I don’t graduate early, I may announce at the Army All-American Bowl.”

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