Trojans visit Upshur

Four-star tight end Naseir Upshur hosted USC on campus Monday and hopes to make his own trip to the West Coast later this summer.

Philadelphia (Pa.) Imhotep tight end Naseir Upshur received a scholarship offer from USC in March, and since that point stayed in frequent contact with Trojans tight end coach Marques Tuiasosopo.

While Tuiasosopo recruited Old Farms (Conn.) Connecticut tight end Chris Clark last year, he rarely makes recruiting trips that far east.

“Coach just came out to the school yesterday,” said Upshur. “We couldn’t talk when he came to watch me work out, but afterward I gave him a call. I was wearing my USC shirt, so that made him kind of happy.

“I guess he liked what he saw because he said he was really high on me. He mentioned that was his first time ever coming to Philly on a recruiting trip. You know, USC had been one of those schools that I had hoped to get an offer from since last summer.

“I’m grateful for the offer and coach coming all the way out here to see me. I feel like USC is a great program and they get their players to the next level. They’re also low on tight ends, so I think I would have an opportunity to play early.”

Upshur has 36 scholarship offers to date, with more college coaches arriving on campus to see him each day.

Upshur recently produced a list of 13 favorite schools, which included USC, Alabama, Arizona State, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, South Carolina, Miami, Temple, Rutgers and Wisconsin.

“Those were the schools I talk to a lot, so the schools I communicate with are the schools that made the list,” said Upshur. “The schools that don’t keep up with me didn’t make the list.”

USC wants to bring Upshur in on an unofficial this summer before a follow up official visit sometime in the fall.

“That will happen in the next couple of months,” said Upshur. “I don’t have a date, but I’ll probably be up there for four or five days.”

Upshur’s plan is to only visit USC while on the West Coast, although another school he has a lot of interest in is Arizona State.

“I’ve been to Arizona State twice already, so I don’t think I need to see them again,” said Upshur. “Jaelen Strong was like a big brother to me, so I would just stay with him when I went out there. DeAndre Scott is also like a brother to me because he went to Imhotep.

“DeAndre plays safety for them right now. He redshirted for them last year, but this year is supposed to be his year. I was down there for weeks with Jaelen, and he was like the captain of the team, so I got to see everything about the school.

“Arizona State was like my first offer. I mean, UMass was my first offer, but I never had interest in UMass, so Arizona State was like my first real offer.”

In visiting USC, Upshur will want to see not just the university, but the people and surrounding area that make it unique to his list of favorites schools.

“I want to see the education they offer and the community that the school is located in,” said Upshur. “I also want to sit down with the coaches and watch film of how they want to use me as a tight end.

“The main thing is feeling comfortable. I have to see if I’m comfortable at USC because I’m the type of person that, if I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll want to leave. I obviously don’t want that.”

Although Philadelphia is a big city with a fast pace of life akin to Los Angeles, Upshur says he has no preference on where a school is located.

“That doesn’t matter to me,” said Upshur. “I can fit in wherever.” Top Stories