Lamar Jackson ready to narrow it down

SAN LEANDRO, Calif — Lamar Jackson didn't "get open" Sunday, but he did lock down wide receivers and earn other honors.

Elk Grove (Calif.) safety Lamar Jackson came to The Opening Regional in Oakland to earn an invitation to The Opening Finals in Beaverton (Ore.).

That invitation was withheld Sunday, but there’s still a very good chance Jackson makes the cut for NIKE World Headquarters in the near future.

“I scratched some testing and things like that, but talking to the coaches, I think I’ll get invited eventually,” said Jackson. “I did get an invitation to the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

“These camps are all about the competition and exposure for me. These are invite-only camps, so it’s the best of the best. The ultimate goal is to get to The Opening like every top flight recruit and have that experience.

“That’s the top 160 guys in the country and you’re being coached up by NFL guys like Richard Sherman. I would be honored just to be on the same field as those guys. I really want to go experience that and compete with the best.”

Sunday, Jackson competed at cornerback and safety. The 6-foot-3, 210-pound three-star has plenty of suitors at both positions. The doors at Franklin High School in Elk Grove (Calif.) have been a revolving door of college coaches all month long.

“I’ve been in contact with pretty much everybody,” said Jackson. “Alabama came by and we’ve been talking real good. A lot of schools, like Nebraska, already came by and saw me.

“Keith Heyward from USC came down early and then Justin Wilcox just came down last week. Coach Wilcox actually coached my trainer, Brandon Thompson at Boise State, so I know he is going to take care of me. They’ve had good communication with me, and Coach Heyward tells me they love me.

“He is already breaking down the guys they signed in February and guys they want right now. Coach Heyward would be coaching me as a defensive back, so he’s showing me the depth chart and how they’ve had to move corners out to play safety.

“He thinks I’ll be able to compete for a spot right away there.”

Jackson’s latest scholarship offer comes from Oregon, a school he has a lot of interest in.

“Oregon is great,” said Jackson. “Oregon is probably the best program in the West right now and one of the top programs in the county. Coach (Don) Pellum and I talk a lot and we’ve developed a a real good relationship.”

At this point, Jackson feels comfortable enough with USC to pencil the Trojans in among his top five college choices.

“They’re a great school, and when I went up there, they really treated me well,” said Jackson. “I also really like the coaching staff and I like the city the school is in, the city of L.A..

“I’m going to narrow things down to a top five pretty soon. I’ve been reaching out to coaches and seeing what their plan is for me because I’m getting ready to start chopping my list.

“I kind of already have a list in my head, but I’m not going to say anything yet. All iI will say is that SC is in my top five for sure.” Top Stories