Asiasi sees opportunity at USC

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. — Devin Asiasi participated in all aspects of The Opening regional Sunday despite an eye infection.

Just down the road from the home of the Spartan Streak, Concord (Calif.) De La Salle four-star Devin Asiasi came to the Opening Oakland Regional as one of those most intriguing tight end prospects in the country.

Asiasi, who weighed in at 268-pounds, is intriguing because depending on how he grows, he has a plethora of talent as a jumbo athlete.

USC is recruiting me as a tight end, while Coach (Angus) McClure from UCLA is recruiting me as a defensive end, but he said I could play both ways,” said Asiasi. “I prefer tight end, which is why when Coach McClure said I could play both ways it really opened up my eyes.

“I’m 6-foot-4, 268, but that’s a bit heavy for me. I hope to drop weight and get down to like 255 before the season.”

Marques Tuiasosopo is pursuing Asiasi for the Trojans, and although the Bay Area is technically not his recruiting area, USC is pulling no punches to land the big tight end.

“He likes my physicality, basically,” said Asiasi. “A lot of tight ends don’t put their head in the game and get after it.

“That’s the one thing I can do with my size. I can block and get my hands dirty. But then I can also line up spread out and run some routes, so that’s what he likes about me.”

With freshman tight end Bryce Dixon no longer enrolled in school, the Trojans have one scholarship tight end on roster with two more tight ends joining the team this summer.

Thus, the depth chart at the position is very appealing for Asiasi at USC.

“I see a big opportunity for me, actually,” said Asiasi. “I see an opportunity to go in there and start my freshman year. But I see opportunity at other schools too.”

Asiasi would like to unofficially visit both UCLA and USC sometime this summer, although those plans are far from solidified.

But his interest in USC will likely bring him in for an official visit next January.

“I just loved and grew up watching USC when I was younger,” said Asiasi. “All of my family are USC fans and my dad grew up a USC fan.

“My whole family really. Even my bloodline up in Oregon are USC fans. Growing up watching the Trojans, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Troy Polamalu, Junior Seau… all of those dudes.

“You grow up watching those guys play and having a vision of that being me some day. It’s something I’ve dreamed of.”

With relatives in Oregon and being a fan of Troy Polamalu, there may even be a relation there for Asiasi.

“My dad said I might be (related to Polamalu),” said Asiasi. “My grandma is cousins with his grandma, or something crazy like that.”

Come July, Asiasi hopes to narrow his list of college choices between seven and 10 schools. However, there are a few schools that have already made the cut.

“Definitely USC, UCLA and Alabama,” said Asiasi. “Maybe Oregon, Washington… I love all of the schools recruiting me. I just have to see where my head is at first and make the right decision for me.” Top Stories