Daelin Hayes talks Town

Four-star linebacker Daelin Hayes played with USC freshman quarterback Ricky Town last year at St. Bonaventure, but Sunday, news spread that Town was looking to leave USC.

Amidst reports that USC freshman quarterback Ricky Town requested a transfer Sunday, his former teammate Daelin Hayes opined on whether the news impacted his current commitment to the Trojans.

Hayes played at St. Bonaventure with Town before he moved back to Ann Arbor (Mich.) as a junior.

“I just saw it about five minutes ago,” said laughed Hayes. “I haven’t talked to Ricky yet, but as far as my commitment goes, Ricky Town is Ricky Town and I am who I am.

“My commitment is my commitment. Does this say things one way or another? No, not really. It’s sad to hear because it’s a guy I built up a relationship with over the last year or so.

“But at the end of the day, I committed to USC because it was the best fit for me. I committed because I feel like I’m going to be put in the best position to play as a freshman and dominate.

“Ricky and I are in different worlds position wise and coaching. I’m a linebacker rushing and he’s on offense playing quarterback, so in that respect it doesn’t affect me.”

Hayes, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound four-star linebacker committed to USC back when he lived in Ventura (Calif.). As of now, that commitment remains strong and Hayes was one of five Trojans commits playing for Team Lunarbeast at The Opening Finals in Beaverton (Ore.) last July.

For a rush end linebacker, Hayes was forced to work on his weaknesses at the event.

“It was an amazing experience and it really forces you to step you game up,” said Hayes. “You’re in open space with guys like Jack Jone and Melquise Stovall — little 4.3 type guys that cut up the field.

“Day one up there, we were just a bunch of talent kids kind of all doing our own thing. We made plays but didn’t win games. As a defense we only gave up 21 points, but the offense wasn’t clicking.

“Day two, I don’t know what happened, but we went 4-1 and won the championship.”

Hayes first game this season will be Aug. 27 at Glenn High School. Having not played more than handful of games in two years because of injuries and his transfer, Hayes is chomping at the bit to get back on the field.

“I feel like The opening sort of over-prepares you as a linebacker for the season,” said Hayes. “You’re playing in space and you know the receiver won’t have time to run those routes.

“You’re running a corner out of the backfield as a running back? Who are your offensive linemen giving you that much time? But it’s cool when you still make plays under those circumstances.

“When I came back home from The Opening and started competing, everything was moving in slow motion. That experience was a fantastic one and I had fun competing with my future teammates.”

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