Red jersey day for Adoree'

What did you expect for his first day on offense? Well, Adoree' Jackson just upped the ante again with a four-TD day and did so from the first time he touched the ball.

Adoree' . . . Adoree' . . . Adoree' . . . Adoree'.

Once for each touchdown Adoree' Jackson scored his first day in a cardinal jersey on offense after 11 practices on defense this fall.

Or once for every position he received votes as a preseason All-American from the panel this week -- corner, safety, kick returner and all-around special teamer.

But they missed the ones on offense where he lined up Wednesday. "Only three," Adoree' said -- "inside slot, outside and running back."

And then for good measure, when the offense won the finishing challenge in an overtime scenario with a Tre Madden 13-yard run, Adoree' did a 360-degree celebrating somersault 50 yards away from the football.

Is that legal as long as he doesn't do it while he's the one carrying the ball? Adoree', for the first time all day, wasn't sure . . . if that was a penalty. "If we score a touchdown, I'll take it."

What allows Adoree' to do this his first day out, wide receivers coach Tee Martin was asked. Where does this come from?

"Intelligence," Tee said. "He's really, really smart the way he does things. But there's something else.

"Not only can he do it," Martin said, "he can do it better than anybody else."

Are you any longer surprised by what Adoree' can do, Cody Kessler was asked. "Everything he does surprises me," Kessler said. "He's that guy you can't scout . . . It's not that he makes it up as he goes but there he is."

And there he goes. "Every time he touched the ball he could have scored," Steve Sarkisian said.

Reminds us when asked a week ago what his plans for USC's punt and kick return game were, Sarkisian said simply: "Adoree'."


From his first play, an 80-yard play-action TD catch from Cody Kessler, it all looked too easy. But then, he was attacking an Adoree'-less defense.

And that is the point here. What could the plus-minus number be for a Trojan team with Adoree' on offense and without him on defense?

He scored in the goal line offense as a running back busting it up the middle from the 5. He scored on a quick outside screen with a burst by defenders despite a late-arriving Toa Lobendahn, who could just screen for him throwing his body. Didn't matter. Too quick. He hit a seam to the sideline before defenders could get there.

Then they went inside on a quick hit that looked like he was about to long jump into the end zone between three defenders for the last seven/eight yards.

He also caught a falling-down-backwards pass in the end zone in seven-on-seven and made a ridiculous double-clutch grab on a slightly underthrown deep ball that went through a defender's hands first.

"That was a lot of fun," Adoree' said, "that's where the fun comes -- on offense."

Now the fun comes for Sark, trying to manage all of this. "We're trying to figure it out, what's best for the team," Sark said of the amount of offense Adoree' will get here. "I can't give you an exact number yet . . . we'll see."

But his understated assessment: "He looked really good today," Sark said. The challenge: To go back and forth in season, in games, and get this done right.

Unlike the way Adoree' made it look Wednesday, that may not prove so easy. While he may be the nation's most exciting player with the ball in his hands, Adoree' Jackson could well be the indispensable player in a young USC secondary that's nowhere nearly the same without him.


The first of two practices Wednesday morning after a day off Tuesday went nearly 2:45 and in full pads . . . the Trojans were scheduled to go in a second session at 7 . . . Junior tight end Jalen Cope-Fitzpatrick will remain out of football this semester "to concentrate on academics" Sark said . . . with the expectation he rejoins the football team in the spring . . . Oklahoma transfer Taylor McNamara finished his third day at tight end with the ones and changes the look of that spot with his improvement the last week now that he knows the offensive terminology . . . senior D-lineman Claude Pelon will have arthroscopic surgery Thursday to check out his sprained right knee and will be out for a while, Sark said . . . Jordan Simmons had fluid on his left knee and was out of practice but here in gear . . . Matt Boermeester was taking a pass on kicking today with a hip flexor . . . Sark says USC will be fine with Alex Wood kicking the way he is now . . . also sidelined and out of pads: Lamar Dawson with cracked ribs although he and Pelon went back in and came out in uniform and pads to watch practice after coming out in shorts . . . Quinton Powell is back from his concussion and in pads for the walkthrough although out of team/contact work . . . Kevon Seymour and Jabari Ruffin, both with left knee braces, going with the first group D in walkthrough . . . Kevon still struggling a bit with his knee while Jabari got a full run in team contact work on the goal line and in red zone . . . Without Pelon and Simmons, seeing Jacob Daniel and Noah Jefferson, back from his hyperextended right elbow, getting lots of work on the D-line . . . Pres. Max Nikias in his USC baseball cap and USC shirt was here today. Also J.K. McKay . . . Justin Davis out of pads at the end of practice getting his shoulder checked although Sark said it was for a jammed finger on a straight-arm . . . assistant coaches Clay Helton, Peter Sirmon, Chris Wilson and Keith Heyward especially vocal Wednesday . . .

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